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BLOG #100!!

Well, DANG! Here it is. This may be the first time in my life that I have successfully, with the exception of a couple days ago, did any new awesome thing for that long and that consistently. I feel my view of what I am capable of, and what I have to share, has shifted dramatically. AND icing on the cake, the event that sparked it all.. Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud weekend, is back in LA this weekend! Feels full circle and also a major level up. Who knows what I will bring out of this weekend?? We shall see.

How to get unstuck

I have a brain that LOVES to be in action. Ironically, in the absence of structured days in which to be in a flow of momentum, my brain also easily lapses into inertia. In the prolonged presence of inertia (not to be confused with a normal cycle of rest) my brain tends to get confused and overwhelmed, causing me to sink lower into stagnation and depression. In this state it is easy to LITERALLY forget what I am even FOR. It is easy to forget what things cause fulfillment and happiness for me. Even projects that are really important to me can quite literally be forgotten. It feels like I would imagine it would feel to be suddenly blind and frantically flinging your arms around to grasp onto something familiar and solid to extrapolate where you are in the room. So, what to do when a creative mind such as mine forgets itself and gets lost in a sea of endless possibilities? Here is how I manage: