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A Return to the Stage!




Recently an old video of a performance of mine popped back up on Facebook and is being shared around again (find the video below). It is a performance that was very meaningful for me and was actually both cathartic and transformative to create and perform. I talk more about it in a blog post here. The re-emergence of it has reminded me that, though I don’t perform very often any more, there is still a part of me that yearns to create art for the stage. It also reminded me of why I stopped performing in the first place. I started out just typing this into a post on FB but realized it deserved a bit more thought in the form of a blog post… ok, preamble over, ha!

In large part, much of my journey with the hoop has been pure chance with no real goals involved. My entrance into the world of performance is no exception. My performance network built as a result of my going everywhere with my hoop (because I just couldn’t be without it) and generally rocking out at any and every party I went to. Little by little people began to ask me if I would perform at their club/party/event and things just kind of built from there. For years it was AWESOME. I was getting paid to hoop in places I would have wanted to be anyway, nightclubs and some of the biggest events around the world, wearing nearly nothing but sparkles (which at that time felt very liberating and ecstatic). As time went on though my desires changed. What once felt liberating, now felt like a cheapening of an art form that is so dear to my heart. It felt like it became more about my body and less about my hooping. Truly, I lost my inspiration for it.

More and more I deeply desired a platform for the purest level of the art to be expressed. And it certainly did not include booty shorts, flashing lights and hordes of drunk and high people that weren’t really paying much attention anyway. The problem was the network I had built over the years didn’t allow for that. Uh yeah, sorry big club promoter, the only way I will perform is if everyone stops what there are doing, gets close to the stage and watches me hoop with a regular hoop in a white dress and no sparkles, wig or false eyelashes… ha! That would have gone over well … heehee! So, I lost my taste for performance and focused on teaching instead (which I LOVE). All this to say, I realized that the art inside of me didn’t have a home in the old places and, not knowing where it DID have a home, I just put my performance hat down completely.

When I created this piece for the flowshow it was SO wonderful! It showed me that there are more ways to perform then what I had gotten accustomed to. It showed me that my performance days are not necessarily over, just that my focus has changed. And yet, there has still been a percolation period. A period of time where I got to sort through some insecurities and gain confidence and clarity. I am FINALLY feeling ready to put myself back on the stage. So here it is.

What I most want to create with my art is a MOOD. A sense of being drawn in to the very core of me so you can feel a little of the magic that I feel when I dance. I desire to create more raw, open and heart centered performances showcasing the art of DANCE with the hoop. This seems to come out best in a very simple and raw format. Usually with just me, dressed beautifully (or funky, depending on what is in the moment to be expressed) but with not too many frills, my single (non fire or LED) hoop and in intimate, beautiful spaces. Such as small theaters and beautiful homes with soft lighting and epic views. I love to have people very close to me while I hoop. I love the feeling of connection and interplay of dancer and observer. I like the moment of nervousness as I hoop close to someone’s wine glass followed by the trust that I am fully spatially aware. These are the moments I feel like a true channel and it feels AMAZING.


So, if you are reading this and are planning any events for a theater or private sumptuous parties, let me know. I am putting out there. I’m ready to CELEBRATE beauty and the ecstasy of pure movement with MORE people. Lets make art together. Lets drop some jaws and open some hearts! Below are two videos showcasing the two vibes I am most drawn to create. ENJOY!

As always, in hoopiness,

Anah aka Hoopalicious

 **Note** this is purely a personal account and by no means meant to imply that hooping in body baring outfits at nightclubs is "wrong". What ever makes YOUR heart sing is well LOVED by me!!



Judith Taber

Anah, I have always held the view that the hooping you and Fran do is fun, beautiful and meditative. Not to mention amazing exercise. I feel privileged to know you and learn from each of you.

February 08 2014 at 03:02 PM

Fran Reichenbach

You move people on so many levels when you perform – don’t be stingy any more. Be yourself but express that to the world! You GO, Girl!

February 08 2014 at 05:02 PM

Jean Barnette.

I love those two videos. I love that you open your heart and soul in your dance. You are so talented and beautiful to watch.

March 30 2014 at 03:03 PM


This post made me happy. :)

September 16 2015 at 03:09 PM

Tina Bauch

I am enchanted by you. You have ‘shared your grace’ at Hoop Convergence and I am blessed for witnessing it. I never met your Blingy Doppelganger, but I’m sure I’d be wowed as well. Thank you for the honesty. (I love your mom too)

November 15 2015 at 12:11 PM


I love this! More videos of you please! you are mesmerizing, I could watch for hours.

April 08 2017 at 11:04 PM

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