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Dragonfly silhouette... Bali sunset... Gorgeous!

Oh Bali… oh Sacred Circularites.. You have done truly rocked my world! My heart is expanded, my purpose clarified and my inspiration ignited. I came to SC this year with very little expectation but an intuition of something big awaiting me.

This hoop event above all others really lives up to it’s intention to not only take people deeper into their hoop practice, but deeper into themselves. In the process of bringing forth something of worth to the participants I felt a re-commitment to my teaching begin to take shape. This process was crystallized in Bunny’s workshop. Among a lot of other amazingness, we were asked to write one word that represented our purpose. The first that came up for me was “LOVE”. Upon further reflection I recognized that what is beneath all my hooping, teaching and interactions truly is the intention and passion to share love and open hearts. With this thought my joy for teaching is invigorated and freed up to encompass all that serves that purpose. I feel a surge of excitement and energy to teach more and open up my sharing to incorporate more of my personal explorations as well as with the hoop.

In Ann’s workshop we were encouraged to embrace our shadow and bring up the rejected and lost parts of ourselves. I saw myself at around 4 years old and picked her/me up.. I saw my face at that age clearly and felt all that she needed and didn’t get. We danced and I hugged her and loved her until she was absorbed back into my essential self. This was a deep deep healing, a recognition of my basic human needs and an honoring of them. My self-love just went up a few notches!

Visions that all of reality comprised of just a few essential geometrical shapes danced in my head after Rainbow Michael's workshop.. We danced with the cosmos in sacred geometrical patterns... yum!

My dreaming was quickened by the amazing dream journeys with Jane. I had many many epic dreams during my stay in Bali, but the one that has really created a whole new space to be in is a dream of having a conversation with someone and all of the sudden realizing that all the internal blocks and fears that had been keeping me from moving forward in my life were just GONE. I stopped and kind of marveled for a moment.. then felt such a surge of joy. I saw my life unfolding before me with abundance, freedom and incredible ease. I laughed out loud in the dream and the feeling is still with me.

Tree lotus beauty in Bali.. Mmmmm

Bali incites a feeling in me of being fully integrated with nature. Showering with a multitude of snails climbing the rock wall behind the shower head and with the sun peeking through the foliage, creating rainbows in the water as it bounces off my skin.  I was gifted with the tiny exoskeleton of a dragonfly on my bathroom mirror, a symbol of change, relaxed power and a piercing of illusion. In one of my morning meditations I accidentally touched an ant on the wall next to me. Not enough to squish him but enough to feel his little body. All day that day I was bitten by little black ants, calling me to remember community, patience and of doing the work that needs to be done. At one point I felt like I was in a Disney movie, with a gorgeous black butterfly flitting in circles around me, through my legs and posing for pictures. I was visited by skinks, giant spiders, dragonflies, snails and loads of frogs.  The many sounds of Balinese creatures.. clicks, whistles, croaks and buzzes, the warmth of the air and coolness of the water,  felt to me like a big warm embrace. There were many moments where I would just stop on the path, breath and feel my whole being expand and flow with the mystery of Bali.

View from breakfast.. Good morning!

So Great-full for the deep friendships of Rainbow Michael, Bunny HoopStar, Ann Humphreys,and Jaguar Mary on this playground of life! Thank you Jaguar Mary for creating a sacred container for us ALL to explore, laugh and create anew. This space had allowed my connection with the divine to grow ever more real and tangible, and to forge new friendships and strengthen old ones... alive and rich with love and the bond of shared experience.

I leave on the long journey home tomorrow a newer, more whole version of myself… light, grounded and truly unstoppable!

Breathing deep and laughing loud,

Xoxo, Anah

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