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Insights from the bathtub :)



Took this photo from about 2 inches away with my iphone at Esalen!

Sometimes messages from God come in strange places... this entered my mind while relaxing in the bath tub ;) 

Is a butterfly any less beautiful unobserved? Our preoccupation with whether or not our beauty is perceived or understood by others blocks us from the simple and pure pleasure of experiencing our natural beauty. Do you think the butterfly waits to be seen to fly? Does a sunbeam wait for someone to walk by before it shines through the leaves of a tree just so? Does the sun lament if no one is watching when it rises? You, my friend, are every bit as beautiful and miraculous! Stop waiting and BE. Only then, unaltered by the mind and un-manipulated by the warped ideas of the ego, will others receive the gift of your magnificent unfettered spirit!

To elaborate, this came from processing through my own insecurities and noticing that I often change my behavior or otherwise my choices based on what I think others will like or see as attractive. As usual, Spirit had the answer for me and the key to releasing myself from that particular self inflicted prison of the mind. All I had to do was ask! SO, you can expect to see me even more free than usual.. perhaps even dancing through a sunbeam with no one watching and otherwise luxuriating in ME.

Big LOVE to you all!



Mollie Hogan

Well Stated…and timely. I know I constantly fall victim to wanting to please…and manipulate our Authentic Self in order to find approval. The irony is that in doing so we become less attractive. Simply trusting “Spirit” as you say, or the “Universe” or “Source”…and allowing our true nature to unfold is a true path to freedom.

Much love to you for your words.

June 05 2012 at 12:06 PM

Henriëtte Hetty Hoop

THANK YOU Anah !!!, for sharing this beautiful insight! Another great talent of yours, to put in words what is felt so deep and strong by so many! Love you!! <3

June 04 2012 at 12:06 PM


I dreamed about finding a butterfly fossilised into wood last night….spirit becomes apparently ‘dead’ when we try to hold on to it… Loved your recent piece on dance – I kind of lost the joy of my hooping when it somehow became about a whole bunch of other stuff. It was me dancing which made the hooping so wonderful – and which felt so transformational. I guess the message is that you can’t ‘hold on’ to flow! Many thanks for your inspiring example ;)x

June 07 2012 at 08:06 AM

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