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The triumphs and pitfalls of making the "Core Foundation" DVD :)




The makings of the “Hoop Revolution’s Core Foundation DVD” were far longer and more challenging than I could have imagined upon beginning the adventure that is DVD production. I went in with a big vision and, through much trial and error, came out with an even bigger DVD. I wanted to share some of the process with you, as it was an experience that challenged me to the core and caused me to grow in unexpected ways.

I had been hooping for 12 years by the time I got serious enough to want to make my own DVD. In that time many former students of mine had “grown up” to have their own DVD’s and thriving hoop businesses. SO the first challenge was just getting over the self-criticism and blame involved in it taking me so damn long! It helped that I had the amazing production team responsible for the movie “The Hooping Life” that believed in me and wanted to help make this happen!

 My next challenge was figuring out what, exactly, I envision this DVD to be about. I played with the idea of following the format of other DVD’s, i.e. doing a “beginners” DVD with the basics of waist, hips and some starting level tricks. But then I thought to myself, “Wait a second! I have never followed anyone before! Why should I start now just because I think that is what is expected??” I began asking myself the question of what do I most want to provide as a service to the hoop community? The answer to that question served me so well in the creation of this DVD I can’t even say! What I realized is that what I most wanted to share was a solid foundation for new and experienced hoopers alike. I wanted to create a DVD that people would sit with for months or even years, not something that they would watch once, learn everything then need to buy the next DVD. I was inspired to help people learn the safe, powerful and effective ways to do all the core moves so that they would have a solid launching off point to all the other more “sparkly” aspects of hoop dance. I was also excited to share some of the ways I train my body for full range of motion and how to be properly warmed up before your hoop practice. Ok, now is about when my fear flipped to excitement! With a solid plan ahead of me I began the next phase: what would it look like?

 One thing that always bugged me about instructional DVD’s of any kind is the instructors that say, “don’t worry, it’s EASY”, in a super fake and way too upbeat voice, seemingly unaware that maybe it’s just not that easy. And now you, dejected about yet another thing that is supposed to be “easy” that you are having a hard time with, are this close to giving up and throwing the DVD as far away from you as possible! The truth is, hooping CAN be easy but, for most people it is really challenging, especially at first. I was excited to give an honest, thorough and supportive instructional experience that would cause everyone who watched it to KNOW that they are normal and doing great, no matter what that looked like. I think this may be what I am most proud of with this DVD. Plus, I wanted it to be FUN and personable. I tell you, at times it is just downright silly and I hope it makes you laugh as much as it made me while making it!

The biggest challenge with this project was the actual filming, editing and wrap up. It took WAAAAY longer than I ever expected with both me and the production team on a shoe-string budget and fitting it in with the many other projects in our collectively busy lives. All in all it took a total of 4 years to complete and there were times I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen at all. This brings us to the amazing things I learned about myself through this.

I entered in with a pretty poor self-concept (those of you that have seen The Hooping Life may know what I mean). I thought I had no work ethic, no skills other than hooping and a good noggin, and certainly no stick-to-itiveness. About half way through when I was presented with yet another challenge and seemingly insurmountable road-block, I realized, “Wait a minute! Someone with all those faults would have most certainly given up by now. Hallelujah! I have a work ethic after all!” I decided that I believed in the power of this DVD and would see it through no matter what. And I am SO glad I did. Seeing the first couple boxes of DVD’s I felt a real pride of accomplishment. Sure, looking back there are many things I would have done differently, but all in all I am proud of myself, proud of my team and really, really excited to have something to show for my many years of investment in the wonderful world of hoop dance.

Rayna and I have been cooking up ways to make this available to you digitally online as well as a whole line of follow up videos and tutorials. Please let me know what you think of the DVD and any requests for what you would like to learn - just email us!

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This DVD is awesome for people with all levels of hoop dance experience. When I got it, I could already hoop on my waist, shoulders, and legs. However, the subtle refinements in my movements as taught in this DVD, such as the figure 8 leg movement for thigh hooping, dramatically improved the look of my hooping! My hoop stays more level and my body looks more graceful. I can barely wait for the next DVD!

March 26 2013 at 06:03 AM

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