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A Review of Veda's Victory: a children's book about hooping!!




When I heard from Allison Avalon, my friend, fellow hooper and longtime supporter of The EcoHoop™ (from back when it was just an idea!), that she was writing and publishing a children’s book series about hooping, I was thrilled! Now the first installment of the Veda’s Adventure series, Veda’s Victory, is here!

We’re so honored to be offering Veda’s Victory in our online store – it is a beautiful work of art and inspiring story to boot! Head over to the Shop and grab yourself a copy or five for the young hoopers and hoopers-to-be in your life. They’ll love it, and you’ll be supporting Allison’s eco-conscious small business and the creation of the complete Veda’s Adventure series!

Joining my blog today as a guest blogger is our very own Rayna McInturf. Since she’s both a hooper and a mother, we thought she’d be the perfect person here to review this book for you!


My three-year-old daughter Anjali has a lot of children’s books on her shelf. She loves books, and looks forward to story time nightly. I could not be happier to find that the book that’s grabbing her attention the most lately is Veda’s Victory!

Veda’s journey begins in book one, Veda's Victory, where she cultivates her self-esteem, her desire to share, and be herself. She learns that it takes practice to learn new skills, that it’s fun to make new friends and many other valuable lessons...including how much fun it is to play!  Veda’s Adventures is more than just a story!  This emerging series is a valuable tool that inspires kids to exercise, play, and use their imaginations.

I love this book. As Veda’s story unfolds through the beautiful pages, I find myself truly inspired by her experiences, and enjoying how the lessons are woven throughout the colorful pages. Veda’s Victory is bright, sparkly and fun – illustrator Austen Mikulka complements Allison’s heart warming message perfectly with his artwork. Allison's use of vibrant, eye-popping color (she colored Austen's illustrations) makes for a visual delight that will keep young readers coming back time and again.

As a mom, I appreciate the way the story is written – there’s a light heartedness to the story that frames the lessons it contains, making it accessible to my daughter even at her young age. She may not fully comprehend the lessons now, but the seeds are being planted. I know that she will enjoy this book for years to come, and the lessons will deepen as her understanding grows.

As a hooper, I enjoy the portrayal of the wonderful values that the hooping community embodies. This gives me an awesome vision of the children who will grow up within this amazing community! And of course, I love seeing some of the most beloved community members peppered throughout the book’s vibrant scenes, including Hoopalicious!

I encourage you to add this fabulous book to a child’s collection today. It makes a great gift for the little ones in your family or community. Printed in the USA on recycled paper with vegetable based ink, this book paired with our Small EcoHoop makes the perfect eco-conscious children’s gift


~ Rayna




Lara Eastburn

I am SUCH a big fan of this book. Highly recommended – thank you for reviewing it.

November 25 2013 at 06:11 PM

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