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I awoke this morning with a metaphor running through my head... Life is like one endless road trip. Your car is packed with all the goodies that make you comfortable, and some that weigh you down. You go along your journey sometimes alone, and sometimes with friends. All sorts of things happen along the way. From your car window you will see things things that make you smile and things that make you frown, some things you will choose to pull over and engage with and some you won’t. You might run out of gas and have to hitchhike to a strange town for help. This will make you feel vulnerable and maybe even angry and stupid. But in stepping out of your car you leave an aspect of yourself behind and find new strength. You might see a wonderful view and stop to enjoy the stillness of nature... hopefully you do this often, as it is energizing and gives you a chance to stretch your legs and unlock habitual ways of holding yourself. You will wave to other people on the same road you are on and perhaps even stop to connect. You might fall in love and take this love with you on your trip. This will be both exciting and scary. After days on end in the same car, you may grow tired of your love and wish to go on alone or trade them out for a newer, fresher love. All along you make choices, you go fast, you go slow. You stop, you start, you text while driving and almost hit a deer, you listen to inspirational talks on tape to pass the time and get riled up listening to talk radio. From time to time you stop and throw away things that you no longer need and feel a burden lift. You may get off at the wrong exit in a dangerous part of town and feel lost and alone. Even then, you are making choices. Call a friend for help or support, consult GPS or just keep driving aimlessly hoping you find your way out on your own. You will experience moments of extreme clarity and appreciation for the moment and you will get distracted with fantasizing about your destination and grow frustrated you are not there yet. Upon reaching said destination, you experience elation, slowly or quickly followed by restlessness to get back on the road. Back on the road you may find yourself traveling at 80 MPH but still feel like you are completely still and getting no where. Then you will see something beautiful out the window or look over at your love that never left your side, even when you wanted to strap them to the roof, and remember. You will remember that it is all one big continuous NOW with even the destinations being just a blip in the overall timeline in your life. In this moment, you will be overjoyed with just how amazing and special your journey is. Then you will forget, and remember, and forget… and on and on.


A smile came to my face as I mused about this metaphorical journey. I saw all of us together on the many different roads of life. Sometimes we drive together and sometimes we drive apart. Sometimes take a “wrong” turn only to end up finding an amazing secret beach we wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t gotten lost. So many things to consider… what kind of car do you want to drive? A sports car made for youth and singlehood, a van made for family, a practical car made for work, an SUV made for adventure or something in between? Are you getting tune ups and oil changes so that your ride can run smoothly or are you forgetting… causing a break down? Clearly the metaphors are endless, and silly and deep all at the same time. As a matter of fact… screw the car, I think I will get a plane! Oh boy, don’t get me started… Ha!


So, whatever vehicle you are in, whatever road you are on or whatever the stage of your trip, enjoy the scenery, appreciate those that share your journey and don’t forget to get gas!!

Xo Anah aka Hoopalicious


Christina LeMarr

This came at just the right time! LOVED this! <3

May 14 2013 at 09:05 PM


I completely enjoyed this little literary trip!

May 14 2013 at 11:05 PM

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