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A Love Note for my Fellow Revolutionaries :)

 Dearest hoop friends!

I am just overcome with gratefulness for the hoop community right now! I thought I would share some of the thoughts I have been having.

I chose the business name "Hoop Revolution" 13 years ago. After much back and forth I settled on it (with the help of my partner in crime at the time Sita Luna) not just because of the delightful play on words, but because I knew, even though the hoop community was teeny tiny at that time, that I was going to experience, and be a part of a revolution. I knew that this revolution was going to include many many people and would not just be about me. I felt in my body the revolution offered by the hoop; a revolution in mind-body-soul connection, a revolution in personal evolution and a revolution in dance. I knew in my soul that hoop dance was going to be a revolution in community, affirmed by the instant trust and affinity I felt with anyone holding a simple plastic circle. This person could be old or young, any race, any political affiliation and of any gender. If they had a hoop, they were family… period. Just like any family, some felt closer than others, but the love was always there instantaneously. In the potential of the hoop as a collective force I saw a revolution of LOVE… manifested as mutually beneficial sharing built on a foundation of play. I am truly awestruck by the beauty of us all and how we continue to grow and evolve together. I am honored to continue to be both a player and a spectator of the magic.

Over the years I have struggled with how to convey that my business is truly rooted in a “WE” not “ME” vision. Even though it is mostly BEEN just me (with various partners coming in and out) manning the helm of the business entity Hoop Revolution, deep in my heart every hooper everywhere has been right here with me the whole way. You are all shareholders in my world and I just wanted you to know that. Can you feel it? I hope so!

So, in closing… if ever you feel alone or misunderstood, remember… YOU are a part of a REVOLUTION. You are a part of a FAMILY. We are all deeply connected through the love of our circles and you all have a special place in my heart. For REAL.


Yours, forever and always~

Anah aka Hoopalicious


Julie Clemmons aka hoopmother

Hi my new friend and sister.
I still have much to learn. Rayna was my instructor. So in love with her. Though I could not afford it, she gifted me with some magic a week before my 40th birthday. (I am almost 45 now). She gave me a whole new skill to feed my children with.
Teaching Hoop is one of my many jobs I have right now. It is helping in infinite ways.
I still feel like such a beginner, although Rayna certified me as an intermediate instructor, when I watch other hoopers I am in awe and feel so humbled.
I hope I get to see Rayna again some day, and perhaps get to meet you.

Thank you for your beauty, inspiration, and hoopaliciousness.


September 15 2013 at 12:09 AM


I love this, I love the play on words and the truth of what hooping is to hoopers. Thank you for sharing your work, thank you for being there 13 years ago at the beginning. I’m new to the hoop community and simply can’t wait to see where we go.


November 13 2013 at 03:11 PM

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