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art your art

We are afraid of being artists because we are afraid of going mad, as so many great artists seem to have in the past. We are afraid to stick our heads out above the crowd, lest we be jeered at and hit in the face with tomatoes. It feels safer to hide out amongst the “normal” people with their acceptable thoughts, styles of dress and pathways through life. But if you are an artist, and you DON’T art your art you will most SURELY be driven mad. And not a charming, artistic mad, not the entrancing lunacy of high inspiration and genius. But the mad of bitterness and regret,.. the particular brand of madness that can make an amazing person, one hell of a downer. That slight sinking feeling you feel upon encountering the unart-ed artist, is the sensing of locked up magic, rotting in the grip of fear. So, for gods sakes, do your art! Better to lose an ear, than yourself.

xoxo Anah

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