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BLOG #100!!

OMG Blog#100!! finish line!

Well, DANG! Here it is. Day 100 of my 100 day blog writing challenge. This may be the first time in my life that I have successfully, with the exception of a couple days ago, did any new awesome thing for that long and that consistently. I feel my view of what I am capable of, and what I have to share, has shifted dramatically. AND icing on the cake, the event that sparked it all.. Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud weekend, is back in LA this weekend! Feels full circle and also a major level up. Who knows what I will bring out of this weekend?? We shall see.

For those of you wondering, I am still planning on blogging at least 4 days a week, if not more when the mood strikes. What I am changing is making room for a dedicated day OFF. Making room for behind the scene things that need to get done, like finishing the new website and putting some important long-range projects in action. One of the incredible side benefits of this 100 day dedication is I have gotten to try something new for long enough to KNOW the effects, rather than being in a theoretical space around it. How often do we trick ourselves into “knowing” what is good or not good for us, with our incredible ability to visualize? Meanwhile we truly have NO IDEA how anything will really effect us, until we try it on for real. This has shown me how important it is to get into actionable reality, even at the cost of the illusory sense of safety “thinking things through” gives us. Until we are making steps, feeling the results and discovering both the costs and benefits of any particular course of action, we really CAN’T know.

 SO, if anyone is vacillating on which road to take… should I write or do video? Should I be a teacher or a cook? Should I travel or go back to school? Take some small action that puts you into the reality of whatever road seems more like a YES at the time. It can be an incredibly small amount of action. Like call the school you think you want to go to, or take a campus tour and talk to the students and audit a class. Just that small exposure gives SO much more information, both practically and intuitively, than sitting around and imagining it as a “someday, maybe” Or a “Should I???”. Using these same examples; go talk to a cook about what its like to actually BE a pro cook. Write a blog for at least 30 days and see if you even like writing. Turn on your camera and talk about anything to see how it feels. You will discover things that send you down roads, both physically, philosophically and psychologically, that are quite literally inconceivable to the current state you are in now. From this state of action the road in front of you will emerge with a greater sense of ease and adventure. If you make a misstep, it is far easier to recover when you are in a habit of being in REALITY, rather than the “safe zone” of your head. And even the missteps will hold more learning and growth than any amount of sitting and “thinking things through”.

Our view of our lives is severely limited… more so, if we refuse to leave the comfort of the familiar. You can’t possibly see even the tiniest fraction of the scope of what is available to you, unless you begin the climb to higher ground. Until you experience the road FOR REAL, instead of inventing it from the safety of your office chair. SO, what will it be? What will you try on NOW?


As always, we are all well and truly in this together!!


Xo Anah

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