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Coach training weekend #2

Today was the first day of my second training weekend with CTI. As I write this I am profoundly exhausted. No fault of the day, it was informative, transformative and uplifting as all hell. The culprit of my tiredness is having woken up at 2AM last night, the nearly full moon shining in my window. Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night, but it's been a long time since I was simply wide eyed awake, unable to go back to sleep. Yeesh! I tossed and turned f

or almost 2 hours, before finding a sleep meditation on youtube. It worked... sort of. So, yeah. I yawned through the whole day and found my brain only working at partial capacity. Kinda bummed, because it was really an amazing day, I just was only partially there to enjoy it. SIGH. 

On days like this I am really grateful for having put effort into drilling some discipline into my being. The old me would have said, upon getting home at 8:15pm from taking care of the horses, screw my other commitments! I am tooooooo tired. Instead, I am writing this venty, rambly blog because I said I would. After this I am going to practice my damn choreography, meditate, do my coaching homework and go to bed. I guess this is what dedication and commitment is. That even kicking and screaming on the inside, you will drag your ass to the plate of your promises and dig in. 

Bon Apetit~ Anah

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