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coming to balance

Something about today has me feeling a return to wholeness, balance and sanity. A lightening of the heaviness of the last couple of weeks. I don't think many details have changed... there is still extremes of weather worldwide, sadly there is still an incompetent buffoon in office and the political parties remain more polarized than ever. And yet, today I feel like we have come through to a new place somehow. 

It rained this afternoon. Not the small spattering of rain drops the other day but an out of the blue monsoonal rain on the tail end of a week long triple digit heat wave. The rain fell in massive, cold droplets... filling the sky with winter like weather for a total of about 10 minutes. Then, back to the muggy warmth. Knowing there was some chance of rain, I prayed for it last night. I imagined big fat drops falling on the fire in La Tuna Canyon. It felt good and right. I will never know if my prayer last night helped precipitate (ha! See what I did there?) the downpour of today, but it made ME feel better and more hopeful in the moment and that was enough. I stood on my porch, dipping my toe into the cold runoff from my awning, loving watching the sheets of rain pouring down. However dire the indications of this strange weather, I still found myself glorying in the feeling of the surprise and welcome bounty of water from the sky. It makes me feel the mystery is alive and well. It reminds me that as much as we think we know about where things are headed, we really haven't a clue. What better thing to do then, in the face of this remembrance, than to revel in the newness? What better thing to do when presented with simple pleasures, than to receive them with as much delight as a child? 

So, today I relished the potentially fleeting moment of lightness and peace. Today, I smiled up at my friend the sky with gratitude. Who knows what lies ahead, but I am beginning to suspect it's going to be freakin AMAZING. 

xoxo Anah

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