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falling off the wagon

Since last weekend, I have fallen of the wagon in regards to 2 of the elements in my 100 day challenge. Namely, my meditation and the spoken visualization exercise from Kyle Cease (called Kylego). This means I am supposed to do my "penance" for my failure to complete all 4 elements daily in the 100 days. All this is self prescribed, no one told me to take on not one, but FOUR new habits all at once. That is me being a bit of a crazy person... but, go big or go home, right? Kyle encouraged us to set some kind of repercussion if we fell short on our chosen commitments. Some people chose things like shaving their heads or sky diving... Whatever it is, it is supposed to be something that scares the crap out of you and you REALLY don't want to do. Something that is averse enough it will help motivate you to stick to your challenge, rather than having to do THAT thing. I chose doing karaoke, SOBER and posting it on facebook. Karaoke is the stuff of nightmares for me.. and posting it?? ACK! So, sometime in the next couple weeks I am going to find a karaoke bar and do my penance. Who wants to come with me? heehee! The good news is, as much as this petrifies me, there is an up side. 

I am not a fan of punishing myself if things go "wrong" because I am into the idea of mistake-lessness. I believe that nothing that happens can be wrong, simply because it IS. Now, this doesn't apply to the truly horrendous tragedies in our lives, though looking back carefully enough, I am sure there is always some gift to be found. I am more talking about the day to day average stuff. Like taking a 'wrong' turn or having to do something you really don't want to do, like freakin KARAOKE. What I like about this part of the 100 day challenge is that I know, as much as I hate that I have to do this now, I am the one who chose it. I am the one who is choosing again to be true to my word to myself. AND I am the one who will reap the benefits of facing a fear and being vulnerable enough to make a fool of myself doing something I will undoubtedly suck at. In the end this is less about karaoke and more about building the muscle of facing fears, having integrity and valuing growth over playing it safe. I say a resounding HELL YES to all of that. 

Nearing the end of this challenge I have discovered which of the 4 practices really work for my life, where they fit and at what quantity. As much as this has been challenging, it has also been really fun to create my life ACTIVELY. Highly recommended if you haven't tried it yet ;) ha! 

More to come on this in the week ahead! As always, we are all in this together :)

xo Anah

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