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Today followed basically the same story arc as most of my days. Get up, get some work done on various projects, go take care of the horses, stop at the store for food items, get my daily practices in and write my blog. Of course not every day is exactly the same, but there is a certain sameness of rhythm present in most of my days. I caught myself feeling that slight brain fog and dizziness that usually precedes the periodic overwhelm I experience. At first, I thought.. "what the heck? I'm having a good day, doing and working on things I choose to do with my whole heart, how could I be overwhelmed??" 

After some contemplation, I had a mini "aha" moment. What I was feeling reminded me of that numbness you can get when someone says a word over and over again. Do you know what I am talking about? Like the word loses its meaning and just becomes an odd sound that you are not even sure actually means anything at all. It seems excess repetition has the power to strip a formerly powerful of word of its meaning. I think our lives can fall prey to staleness in a similar way. I think that if we don't have regular pattern interrupts, even the most awesomely curated life of your dreams can become just meaningless noise.

The other thing that came to mind was the idea of life being a ride. This ride is full of ups and downs and can be totally exciting. But if you were to get on the same ride, (even your FAVORITE ride) and just never get off, it would become monotonous or even torturous after some time. So, yeah. Sometimes you gotta get OFF the ride and go eat a freakin churro already. I think what I am getting is the extreme importance of giving yourself a day off. But not just a day to do nothing, a day to do something TOTALLY different than your usual thing. Hopefully it's enjoyable of course, but the pattern interrupt is the most important part. A moment to take a real step to one side of your normal life so that you can look objectively at the whole. Maybe you will gain more appreciation for your life, or maybe you will see something you need more or less of or maybe you will just have an awesome weird adventure. Really though, just a moment shake the fog of your normal life from your mind and refresh your neurons. In other words, if you always do the same thing on your day "off", it is STILL in your blah blah blah daily habitual life. Pick something you either haven't done in years, or something you have been thinking about doing for years. Even better, pick something you secretly want to do, but would be so out of character, your friends would be a little shocked. Of course, I hope whatever that thing is, it's GOOD for you and people around you.. ie; I am not suggesting you give free reign to whatever depravity has been lurking around in your subconscious... You know who you are. ha!  

The moral of the story is, even the most amazing life can get boring if you don't shake things up. Often our perception of the specialness of things is entangled with it's lack of constancy. If you want to appreciate your life more, take moments to stop what you are doing long enough to miss it a little. You will come back in refreshed and with new parts of yourself explored. Adventure is the antidote to stagnation of mind and body. Go on an adventure today! Even if its just taking a different street home. Your soul will thank you ;) 

As always, we are all in this together!

xo~ Anah


Michelle Nayeli


July 17 2017 at 10:07 PM

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