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hind sight is 20/20

Not one of us know where we are going to end up or where any particular road will take us. Why then, do we spend so much time agonizing about what to do in life? Where did we get the idea that it is possible for there to be a "right" answer? Certainly, in hind sight we can see that there are some decisions we have made that took us somewhere we didn't want to go, and others that took us someplace amazing. But the key words here are "hind sight." This, I believe is a slightly deeper dive into the meaning of "hind sight is 20/20". Not just that we can see things most clearly when we are past them, but perhaps that future vision is myopic at best and clarity of view can really only exist in the rear view mirror. We can make educated guesses based on what we have experienced in the past. We can invest time into getting solidly in touch with our intuition to aid in good road selection. Both great ideas but, ultimately our future will ever be beyond our view. 

Imagine if you wanted to go see a movie. You picked a movie that fit what you thought you would like to see, based on your interests and mood. But then, right before you went into the theater, you got so stressed out about not knowing how the movie would end, that you decided to wait outside and try to figure it out before you went in. What would happen? You would miss the damn movie! Ok, what if instead you just marched in there and took a seat. About 20 minutes in you realized that it was a scarier movie than you thought and decided to leave. How would you feel different after stressing for 2 hours and STILL not know how the movie was, vs finding out that movie was not for you in only 20 minutes and making a different choice? 

The point is, you will find out much faster if your choice is a good one by making it. You will navigate with a swiftness and ease through your life propelled by the courage to get in motion and change things as needed along the way. Even 1 minute of the smallest possible action in any direction will give you more information about whether or not you are on the "right" path than thousands of hours spent in deliberation. Will there be messes? Of course! But over time I have found that the small messes of a step out of place here and there are far preferable to months or even years of the life mess created by stagnation. Whatever it is, if your heart speaks even the tiniest whisper of a yes, DO THE THING. 

with love and transformation~ 


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