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The hoop has taught me many things.... a novel FULL of treasures awaits (TBA). I often find myself pondering the power this simple, unassuming circle has had on my life... and continues to have in richer ways all the time. The hoop continues to be my most powerful tool for transformation, actually both in AND out of the hoop. I have a running list of hoop induced "aha" moments. Here is a new one I was ruminating on just yesterday. 

The hoop has taught me how to be a YES for change. The very nature of the hoop teaches both stillness and change. When left to itself, it is still and lifeless. When you add your energy and action, it comes to life. But it is not enough to give it one push and forget about it. You have to join into the dance you started if you want to keep up and make motion into art. If you want to dance with the hoop, one must learn to be ever present to the shifts of its push and pull, its plane and trajectory. Your body learns to answer each question asked in the moment of contact, be it waist, hip, shoulder, leg, hand or free floating. You learn that the most ease, flow and YUM arises from a steady stream of "Yes, AND's..." between hoop and body. Your body learns quick what a "no, BUT" creates... usually a fat lip or the sound of your hoop hitting the floor. What perfection. Can you see, how powerful this dance is?

Over the years of instilling this knee jerk quality of "YES, and..." into the very marrow of my bones, I am struck by how improved the ability to do the same in life is. How much more easeful is life if we say YES to our moments and act as needed to the demands of each unique moment in time? To be clear, sometimes saying yes, means saying NO to something else... which is still a YES. In the land of the circle, it is always yes... and yes some more. Even when breaking the direction of the hoop to pivot to the opposite direction there is a yes'y way to accomplish that and a brittle NO way. The yes's always feel clean, flowy and just like divine perfection... even if the effect is sharp rather than floaty. There is still a perfection inside when you find the yes in the moment. Like the perfection of a flower that blooms just at the right time can have the same "rightness" as the perfection of a lightening strike.

Ok... clearly, I have a lot to say on this (thus the burgeoning book to come... yay!). For now I will close with this... In the hoop, just like in life, if we resist change we find stagnation and suffering. If we say yes and flow with change we find magic and transformation. Next time you step into your hoop, see if you can find the YES in your engagement with your precious circle and also... you know... your precious LIFE. 

xoxo ~ Anah


Paige LaWall

Feeling such resounding yes-ness and gratitude for your expression of this truth in words Anah! I have learned this lesson many times over and yet, I’m always needing to learn it again. Recommitting to the yesness of this eternal flow of life, in and out of the hoop… I so honor your brilliant, simple, relatable and clear distillation of this hoop-dance life lesson.

So much love.

August 09 2017 at 02:08 PM

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