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How to be WHOLE.

Do not discriminate against any emotion. Let Despair have a place at the table next to Hope. Let Doubt spoon with Joy. Wave a cheery hello to Anxiety walking with Peace. Turn nothing away, but give all equal air time. Be the gracious host, instead of the wallflower at the mercy of the party. Be the kind of host that gently steers Rage, that is threatening to overtake the room with its bluster, out of doors for some deep breathes with Introspection, while Self-Acceptance hands Rage a cup of tea. Let all inner experiences BE. If every aspect within us learns to get along and is treated with care and attention, the gathering of all our many layers of selves comes into harmony and blessed wholeness can be a predominate flavor of our lives. Reject any one feeling enough, and it will resort to breaking into the party through the back door, in a dramatic and spectacular fashion. If we can remember who we are, the owner of the house, not the child in the corner, we can caretake all who come with equal love and compassion. Over time, we may find our inner "house" habited by a cast of care bears rather than "Mommy dearest". 

 we are family!

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