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I didn't want to write this blog

I don't want to write today. I have been sitting here trying to open up for something to come through me, and onto the page but each thing seems stale or like I am trying to hard. It appears I have hit a sticking point in my 100 day commitment. I think what I am experiencing is what everyone who endeavors to do something that stretches them into a new self comes up against at some point. The "I don't wanna's". To be real, I have felt momentary resistance and I am sure I haven't seen the end of these sticking points. Maybe I was lucky in the first 34 days to be mostly excited, at least remotely, about the whole thing. Today, I am just kinda BLAH. Having never really put myself to the grindstone for a goal (I know, sad but true), I can only imagine that this is what it takes. To feel all the "I don't wanna's" having truly juvenile tantrums in your head and go forth anyway. I have to tell you, so NOT fun. 

Ok, ok... as with everything, I can't NOT see what I am gaining from this particular blah moment. I think I am finally seeing what the popular productivity concept of "momentary pain for eventual gain" really is. It's choosing to push through the resistance when you would much rather watch tv and say screw it. It's putting your damn phone down even when the little kid inside you is shouting for MORE and doing what you gotta do. I even had  a moment while doing my laundry that let me put this useful way of being into practice. I picked up a bra and it's little triangular pads were all askew. The old me would have tossed it in the drawer to deal with it later. Instead, the new me won out. By fixing them now I afforded my future self the pleasure of not having to deal with it. Obviously a tiny example, but this is the practical application of "suffer now so you don't have to later." Don't walk past that dirty dish in your sink.. just wash it so your future self can have that "ahhh" feeling a few moments later. 

I think it really comes down to the passing of time. Time is ticking by the same no matter what you do. Your moods and thoughts are ever shifting as well, unless we get stuck on repeat... then you will drag that sorry ass state of mind with you into your future now. Well, f that noise! If time is passing anyway, you might as well do what you have to do for the future you want. Have you noticed how quickly it goes? Like now. I am almost finished with the blog I felt was a sticking point, and you know... I'm kinda loving it! I feel more mentally free and less stuck as well. Time has passed and instead of still being stuck in distraction, resisting writing and judging myself for it, I have written the dang thing! 

Ok, so moral of the story... whatever it is you must do (that you chose to do for your most awesome life), time is flowing on by anyway. Might as well just get off your ass and do the thing already. 10 minutes from now you will be in a different space entirely and your life will be on track. Getting unstuck is as simple as getting into action. Sometimes just getting out of your chair, taking a walk outside or a few deep breaths can break the spell of whatever mental resistance loop you were in. Then just get going on whatever it is you were resisting that had you feeling stuck. Most often it is not more thinking that you need, it is more ACTION. What can you take real action on RIGHT NOW that will move you, if only an inch, towards the life you want? DO IT!

as always, we are all in this together!

xo Anah

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