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Kyle Cease weekend review

Many of you have asked questions or expressed curiosity about the weekend transformational seminar I just completed; Kyle Cease's Evolving Out Loud. I figured I might as well give it a full review! I have done my share of seminars, trainings and retreats with transformative intent and read hundreds of self help, spiritual philosophy and some down right woo woo books. Landmark forum, Tony Robbins, Niurka, Byron Katie, Marian Williamson and a year of intense meditation circle work. While each one has been an intrinsic part of my learning and growth (I am not even going to attempt to list the books.. too many!), there is something about this last weekend with Kyle Cease that gently, and with a remarkable lack of complexity, transported me through the veil of restriction that had colored my last decade, if not my whole dang life. I am not promising these results if you go. We are each and every one in a different place, looking at life from a different frame of reference and with varying degrees of readiness to leap. And I in no way gain from anything if you do, except perhaps to see more people totally f'n lit up and jumping head long into their dream lives... now that's exciting ;)

kyle cease evolving out loud

Kyle's approach is disarmingly simple and heart centered. Being that Kyle was a stand up comedian for decades, he also keeps you laughing consistently throughout. This really resonates with me as i have always felt that humor and spirituality walk hand in hand. Some of my biggest "aha's" have been followed by peals of laughter. The kind that only cosmic jokes can insight. He also doesn't pre-prepare his content. It's all totally authentic, in the moment improv. It lends a special presence to his presentation that is unique among speakers and leaders in the self improvement/transformation field. In an age of over complicated and arguably masculine spiritual technique, there is very little process and almost zero "techniques" or coaching to "push yourself" or "achieve". Instead there is a framework of loving whatever comes up in you, even the dark and scary stuff... ESPECIALLY that. There is a spotlight on making space, via meditation and general health and wellbeing, for your heart to be heard and followed. Not from an airy fairy perspective, but a tangible inner experience to be cultivated.  Maybe it was that I had been working on this concept of the practical and literal application of "love on the parts that hurt the most" as an avenue of healing for some time (I have the amazing Gemini Ferrie to thank for that. Seriously, if you live in LA and want to make some shifts in your relationship to yourself and love, work with her!). Or maybe it was just that I got sick and tired of suffering over my own suffering and was ready for internal peace and loving my "home", that home being within my own body. Or just the simple way that Kyle offers the idea, and his way of guiding you to put it into action (like right now immediately, not taking notes and "maybe" doing it later), that caused the effects to sink to a new level of my being. I felt then and still, more able to process through the moment to moment roller coaster of doubt, fear and attempts to control everything with a new level of ease. Not that I don't wander into the dark part of the woods here and there, but the ever present reminder to just "and I love that" was like a very bright light in my consciousness, leading me home. 

it feels kinda like this

The biggest transformation came during the first real exercise. A process termed "Kylego". Named because he conceived of it while in a car with his friend, Diego. Yeah, he is unapologetically dorky like that... ha! It is a process in which you talk about the present or the future as if it has already happened. Different than making affirmations which are still you looking towards an potentially stressful future, and one you are still trying to "make happen", it puts you in the real experience of that which you are wanting to go towards as if it has ALREADY happened. From a scientific perspective, our brains process and store memories differently than something we are looking forward to. If something is a memory, you don't doubt it or hope for it, you FEEL it. The more you are able to convince yourself that thing has actually happened, the more likely your brain will begin firing as if it did, causing that reality to be much more likely and closer to you, than if you are lost in worrying or doubt. When I did Kylego for the first time something opened up inside me and my hearts desires spilled out in a flow to rival any hoop flow I have ever experienced. In the picture that was painted was selling my 20 year old hoop business, Hoop Revolution, something I had wanted to move on from, but was afraid to, for at least 7 years. In that moment, all the fears and doubts that had been holding me back were just GONE. No deliberating, no lengthy/heady lists of pro and cons and with zero loss felt. My heart started to pound like I had just been sprinting the last 1/4 mile of a marathon and the tears sprung from my eyes. I had the surreal sensation of feeling myself actually LIVING this new magnificent life of mine. A life I had begun to doubt was possible. To place your Kylego even more into reality, Kyle encouraged us to take ACTION on any new pathway our hearts have shown us to take. Telling all of facebook that I was selling my business, brought my energetic shift into reality. I am on my way!... for REAL! Whew!

Anah and Kat excited to be at Kyle's event

On a nuts and bolts level, I loved that each day was not terribly long. From 10am to 7pm with numerous breaks and an extra long lunch break. It is also very affordable as these kinds of programs go, especially if you get the early bird rate ( which would be NOW for his next LA weekend in September) both in his weekend course and the online courses he offers. Long story short (too late.. ha!), if you feel it in your heart to go, GO. I will be there, and so will 1,399 other open hearted souls. Wouldn't be amazing if our community showed up en mass and could join in this together? Again, I gain no financial reward from sharing this. I do gain the love I feel when I see others opening up, loving themselves and going for what their heart has been whispering to them for years.

Tally HO!! 

In love and transformation,




Hello, I have been wondering about doing this weekend, could you please tell me does he sell anything at these weekends, I cant get an honest answer anywhere .Ta Fee

September 01 2017 at 08:09 PM

Anah Reichenbach

Come!! There is a good group of us going and it’s going to be amazing. He does sell some of his other programs, like his book and a couple DVD’s, but usually forgets to mention them.. ha!

September 01 2017 at 08:09 PM

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