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leaders, let yourself be led

The other night I went to a regular yoga night held my some amazing friends of mine. As I was sinking into the mat, following instructions to breath deeply and come into presence, I felt a profound "let go". This letting go was bigger than the relaxation that normally happens in yoga for me, or at least it was a level deeper than normal. As I inquired within about this I realized it was because in this moment, listening to the gentle and masterful guidance of a trusted person, I no longer had to guide myself. The profound relaxation I felt was a result of taking a break from leading myself, to allow myself to be led. 

Every day we have to make hundreds of choices. And those are only the ones we notice! As forward thinking people that want to make something of ourselves, we are encouraged to be leaders. As a leader you are constantly assessing the choices in front of you, deciding where to go and what to do. All this is super important and it can be easy to assume that at some point you are such a leader that you no longer need to be led or learn from others. Right there in the dimly lit room, with 20 other souls breathing together, I GOT why we NEED to learn and be led by others no matter how "advanced" you become. I think especially If you are a leader in some field. Allowing yourself to be led not only gives you an opportunity to take a rest from holding a space of leadership, it gives you an opportunity to take in information as a student again. It allows you a moment to soften into not knowing. Being led by other respected sources allows you an access to other perspectives sure, but most of all can just provide a flippin BREAK from having to have it all together. Bliss!

After I stepped out of yoga that night it was like the go-get-em part of me just went on a 2 week tropical vacay. I felt rejuvenated, humbled and grounded. Obviously, part of this was because I just got my ass kicked in Kundalini yoga, but part was a new sense of relief. I walked away with the reminder that I don't always have to be a "leader."I walked away with the soul satisfaction that comes from knowing just how many bad ass teachers and guides are out there to support us. We just have to be willing to show up and allow ourselves to be led. 

As always, we are all in this together(thank God!)...

xo~ Anah

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