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Leap and FLY

2 months ago I declared to the world, aka Facebook, that I was selling my business Hoop Revolution after 20 years. Since then I have begun stepping into what is next for me in full force; writing, coaching and soon speaking. The funny thing is, I am doing more than ever but, contrary to what I expected I am STILL hooping. I may even be hooping MORE now then ever. I still have a weekly class and I am set to teach and perform at Hoop Camp this month. While I am not planning to start up teaching in ernest again, the strong desire to let go of my business has settled. I have been holding back sharing this because I was afraid of being judged as waffling, or backing down from my commitment. As of now, I am still planning on letting my business go but I am leaning towards beefing it up first. I have even toyed with the idea of juicing it up, then having someone else run it for me. I am sharing this to shed the sensation that I am now "covertly" hooping, and also to highlight something important. 

Where did we get this notion that in order to move forward we have to be CERTAIN without a shadow of a doubt, and once we have launched into a direction, that we have to hold onto that decision with teeth bared intensity? I am learning that sometimes, the thing that felt like a HUGE leap, only felt that way because we stood at the end of the diving board so long that our fear swelled way out of proportion to the leap itself. Perhaps those big leaps in our lives serve to just get us unstuck and in MOTION. It's hard to steer a vehicle that isn't in motion, our arms get tired and we get nowhere. Once we put things into gear and step on the peddle, we can even start out going the "wrong" way but, being in motion, we can go around the block and find our way to our destination far faster than staying in place and worrying about getting lost. 

Choosing to let go of my business and declare it publicly, got me unstuck from a rut I had been in for almost a decade. Now that the bubble is popped I can see that hooping is still my strongest muse. I can see that Hoop Dance still has a place on the map of my expression. Giving myself the freedom to choose, pivot, choose again and try anything in any direction, has set me free. I am truly on the ride now. My hooping is better than it has ever been in my life and I am so grateful for the framework of a business that can still work for me if I choose to work for it. I am grateful to be putting energy into the next version of myself all at the same time. 

All this to say, if you are not sure what to do, LEAP. Leap even if you are not sure it will be the right thing or you are afraid. Once you are freed from the gravity of old versions of yourself and old choices that may no longer fit, you will FLY.

Much love and celebration~ Anah

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