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love where you are... pfft

There is so much wisdom out there that we hear over and over again. So much so that a lot of the really good stuff gets tuned out, labeled as cheesy or something we "already know." As my take on things seems to be getting simpler, I have been having more and more "face palm" moments. Like, OH! Really?? All I really need to do is LOVE MYSELF, like everyone has been saying for freakin EVER?? Yeah, for real that is all we need to do... but I digress. The obviousness of the answers all around me, that I had been discounting, feels kinda like when you are searching frantically for your sunglasses only to find them on your head. Perhaps the most simple truths, the most helpful truths are things we hear ALL.THE.TIME. I want to break some of these common ideas down with you in blogs to come. Lets start with this nugget;

"Love where you are FIRST." 

This is paraphrased of course, and often interchangeable with "accept where you are first". In yoga last night (the AWESOME Yoga Galactica led by Kamala and Siri in Los Angeles), this idea popped into my head with a new insight. I don't exactly remember what prompted it, but what came to my mind is that all of life is a living, breathing, growing thing. Where we are now, is a real physical, spiritual and multi dimensional growth step towards where we are going. But, it's not just the external reality that shifts and changes to create our future now. It is US. Our internal landscape has to grow just as much, if not more than the external to encompass all we want to do and be. Here is where we get to how this relates to "loving where we are now FIRST." Think of it like this. A seed holds everything it needs to grow into the plant it will become. But it doesn't go from seed to full bloom in one fell swoop. It grows fiber by fiber, leaf by leaf incrementally over time. Now, imagine that "loving your life" was a particular aspect of this hypothetical plant. Lets say, the leaves. If the seed didn't begin growing leaves while it is still just a tiny sprout, it wouldn't suddenly grow magnificent leaves when it finally reaches maturity. The ability to “love where you are now” is an ASPECT of you, irrespective of where you actually are, just as the leaves of a plant are an aspect of the plant irrespective of its stage of visible growth. And just so, if you don't grow the aspect of you that loves where you are now, BEFORE you become the magnificent tree you are going to be, it is far less likely to be part of your structure when you arrive. Not to say that you can ONLY start loving your life as it is in the beginning of a venture, but I think that doing so definitely helps one massively increase their satisfaction in life on the way. As well as proves that WE are the ones that give ourselves happiness, not all the 'things' outside of us. If we know that to our bones, we are more free to enjoy just about everything, not just the big things.

I look at these inner skills and common spiritual truths like "loving where you are now", "loving yourself" and "BE yourself" (just to name a few), as holding all the power of a zen master. They must be tried on, turned upside down, teased apart and tried on again... over and over again. The next time you find yourself closing your ears to some common saying, I invite you to pause a sec and give it another look. Dig deeper and see if you can find why it went viral in the first place ;) 

as always, we are all in this together!

xo Anah



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