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Here I sit in a Starbucks, waiting for my car to charge (how cool is that??). I am on the way to HoopCamp and I am STOKED! Im coming in a little behind schedule so I know that it will be a flurry of activity when I get there, getting ready to perform the piece I have been learning for the last month. With so much going on it would be soooooo easy to believe my brain when it tells me " You don't have time to do your blog today... everyone will understand. I mean, you are not superwoman!". If you have inner voices of this variety, you can understand the dubious honor of having a very reasonable sounding, yet none the less full of shit, "helper" like this is. 

The truth is, I have a choice. I could have farted away 15 minutes on facebook and internet searching, or I could write my dang blog like I promised I would. SO, here I am using my time wisely like an ADULT. Took long enough.. ha! This is yet another hidden benefit of taking on personally assigned goals/challenges. I have had to learn how to think ahead, plan and make the best use of even small pockets of time. I have learned that even 15 minutes well spent can change the whole flavor of how you feel about yourself and create real effects on your world. I still don't really know who is reading these, but if even just ONE person reads this and is inspired in some way, I have created a thread of exponential benefit that would not have existed had I taken the lazy path. Or had I listened to that voice in my head that would have me give up and play small. Well, f that noise! I am here to play as full out as possible while living the best life I possibly can! 

Here is my challenge to you. What is one thing, just ONE, that you can add to your daily routine? ONE thing that you have been dreaming about doing but haven't jumped in yet. That ONE thing that all the voices in your head say is a waste, or impossible or blah blah blah?? DO THAT ONE THING for 100 days and let me know how it goes!

xoxo ~ Anah

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