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As I get closer to the 100 day mark of daily blogs, I find myself thinking about not only what's next, but what I have learned along the way. There is something about the structure created from a defined goal that gives clarity and contrast to one's life. I have most definitely been structure-less most of my life... from an early age, really. I always thought that being free flowing was what freedom looked like. As I have gotten older and come to grips with the trajectory of my life thus far, I have come to see that it is not external boundlessness that creates freedom, but carefully considered structure. Freedom comes from the ability we each have to define this structure, and the structure, in large part... defines our life. 

Without the clearly defined structure of 100 days of clearly defined activities, I would have never found out what internal choices I would need to make to reliably generate content everyday. I would have never found out that actually, I am really freakin good at this. Not that every blog has lived up to my standards, far from it... but I am no longer afraid that I will run out of things to express or am not capable of committing to a goal and producing value on a consistent level. Without this structure I would not have had the freedom to let my mind explore what it is I WANT to share and how I want to share it. I would not have had the freedom to screw up and have to learn how to clean up my messes publicly. A truly valuable skill. I also would not have had the perspective to see how often I think I ought to blog in the future for maximum effectiveness. There have been some subjects that I feel I only skimmed the surface of, due to the structure of needing to get something out every day. I didn't know what I was compelled to dive into more, or what that would look like, until I gave myself a framework with walls and boundaries to bounce off of and ground into. 

If you are an artist like me and have chosen an unbounded life, yet find yourself just shy of truly thriving, perhaps self imposed structure would be something you could try on. Pick one thing, any thing, to do every day for a set amount of time. 30 days is fine, but I really think 60 is minimum to really get maximum benefit. Announce it publicly or to a few key friends who are willing to help you stay committed. I am so curious to hear what your experience is!!

much love to you all... go forth and PROSPER!

xo Anah

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