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on motivation

Motivation [moh-tuh-vey-shuh n] noun

1. the act or an instance of motivating
or providing with a reason to act in 
a certain way.
2. the state or condition of being motivated 
or having a strong reason to act or 
accomplish something.

Motivation is one of those essential things that gets talked about A LOT... at least in growth centered communities. Usually, it is from a place of not having enough of it, and having ones productivity and/or excitement to keep moving towards goals suffer as a result. At some point you may hear that we have had it backwards, that motivation isn't what we NEED to get moving, it is what we RECEIVE when we manage to move ourselves. This thought alone can motivate one to get off the coach, if only for the prospect of more motivation.. ha! See what I did there? 

I have long struggled with themes of consistency, dedication and longevity of action. But there are always moments where, seemingly out of nowhere, I will get a burst of energy and make more strides in a few days, then I had done in previous weeks or months. Then back to the slow crawl. My working hypothesis of motivation at the moment is this. Motivation is both predator and prey. Sometimes it grabs you, and sometimes it must be pursued. When you are captured by motivation it is exhilarating and makes you feel on purpose and alive. Like being courted and captured by a dashing suitor. When we must be the engine that drives the pursuit, motivation can seem like a fickle bitch. It's easy to see why we prefer the former scenario. Here is the nifty and oh-so-satisfying silver lining to this apparent conundrum. When you lift yourself out of whatever funk you are in and MOVE ANYWAY, the feeling of motivation is blended with a heady mix of self admiration, respect and even LOVE. This is top shelf motivation. The kind of motivation that has you look yourself in the face and say... "you know? You are freakin bad ass and we are goin places. F yeah!"

So get up off the floor, wipe the donut crumbs from your face, sign out of netflix and do the thing already! 

With so much love from me to you~ 

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