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We know (because, science) that what we experience as "reality" is comprised mainly of perceptual selection, by the individual, of nearly unlimited bits of data bombarding our systems. There is so much information coming at us all the time, that it would completely overwhelm our systems to even try and process it all. At most the human brain can only process 120 bits at a time. And of course in the modern world that data is coming at us in exponentially increasing amounts. For a fascinating read, click HERE. There are many layers to this, and kind of a different focus than this blog, but lets say the information I am talking about are things like how our views of the world are formed and most especially, what we think is possible or impossible. This selective processing is natures clever way of giving us a sense of stability and structure in a universe that is in reality, an amorphous field of information in constant flux.

One thing that our brains adjusts for, creating a subconscious deviation from reality for our own comfort and sanity, is the up and down motion of our heads while we walk. If we perceived what was actually happening as we walked, we would be constantly sea sick. Instead the brain kicks in to create an illusion of steadiness. That's why we are driven a little nuts watching a video made by someone using a handheld walking down the street. We are seeing what is ACTUALLY happening when we walk all the time. A persistent and super handy illusion. Ok... NOW we get to my "wooOOooo" thought of the day... ha! If you made it this far, you are my hero!

What if, just as our brains adjust to give us an illusion of steadiness of vision as we walk, our brains our adjusting to perpetuate an illusion of linearity and steadiness of TIME. If science tells us that time can, in fact move not only forward but also backward and even change its rate of speed, why don't we actually experience it that way? Perhaps, our perceptual awareness of a reality that seems closer to science fiction, would untether us from life as we know it... Casting us adrift in the vast and endless truth of the universe at large. And so, in order to function and be "normal" we create a safe illusion of the "one way" version of time. Maybe this one collective control+alt+delete is a corner stone of the structure of the dream we call "life". Perhaps experiencing the reality of time will come with our next evolutionary upgrade.... won't that be amazing?!?! hmmmm......


as always, we are all in this together!

xo Anah

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