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practical "law of attraction"

I used to be a die hard Abraham fan. If you haven't heard if them, they are as woowoo a source of spiritual insight and information as one can get. Because, that's how I roll... sometimes ;) Abraham is a collection of entities channeled by Esther Hicks and one of the main originators of the "law of attraction" craze. She was featured on the first iteration of the movie, 'the secret". Before you click out of here because you think you know what I am going to say, hang in for a minute.. if you will. Here is why I stopped listening the Esther Hicks and Abraham....

First off, I mean no offense to Esther. At the time, her info was really life changing for me and I am so grateful for the resource that she was for me. I don't think that the law of attraction is bullshit, just grossly mis-interpreted and blown out into the clouds, instead of looked at from a grounded perspective. I also have an inability to ignore something once I see it. Once I perceived the backlash for people who jumped too blind into the law of attraction water, I couldn't listen with the same amount of openness anymore. Incidentally, that is how I know its time for a new teacher... Ok, I digress (shocker.. ha!). I believe every teaching is only as effective as the ability of the teacher to address the grossest misunderstanding of the teaching. Maybe she tried, but I left too quick to see ;) What I observed is the law of attraction movement created a phase (hopefully a phase) in people to think that they were so autonomous in their realities that it was literally impossible for them to do wrong. That if someone came to them and said, "hey you f'd up and this is how I am feeling about it," that it's in the other persons reality. And that the best thing to do is basically ignore it and stay in your "high vibration". I will get to the practical interpretation of this in a moment, but what I saw was a whole bunch of people with a convenient way to deny responsibility and stay in the dark about the repercussions of who they were being. No freakin beuno! To be clear, Esther never said this, but it was a very common back lash that I saw and made being around Abraham-ites really uncomfortable for me. Who can feel safe being around people that have lost the sense of how important it is to self reflect on your actions and take responsibility for your effect in the world? Plus, there was a general feeling of people trying SO hard to be positive, it actually had the opposite effect. They were walking around in fear of creating a tiger with their next thought about the zoo. I won't even get into the "just wish your way to abundance" thinking. That one has been well covered. Ok, I didn't mean this to be too ranty, but there it is. My real thoughts.. heh. Read on for the practical stuff.

How I understand law of attraction from a practical view point, is this. We are thinking any number of thoughts all throughout the day. Most of which is recycled musings of a negative variety (if you are allowing your inner channel selection to be on random). Before action, comes thought. Thought and feeling generally happen too close together to notice the difference, but if you were able to get out a microscope and look at your mind, thought usually comes a hair before emotion. The thought happens and, BANG, the resulting emotion happens (convincing us that the thought is "true"), and if action is involved, it usually follows behind at some point. SO, think about it. If most of your thoughts are negative, is a positive, soul affirming action towards your dreams likely to result? Not so much. Lets give an even more direct example. If you tend to think/worry about the idea that no one will hire you because you aren't worthy of the job you want, are you more or less likely to build a bad ass resume and conduct yourself with an engaging, hire-able attitude in an interview? What if you switched the script and began looking for all the things that DO make you worthy for that job? What if you began to feel GOOD about yourself? What kind of energy would you bring to that interview then? In this way the contents of your mind do have a direct effect on your outer reality.

To address the example I used above, about the backlash of lack of personal responsibility; if someone comes to you with a reflection on your behavior, LOOK at how you helped to create that. While sometimes, it could be that the person IS projecting their own reality, you are still "in it" with them for some reason. If you want to utilize law of attraction, ask yourself "how did I attract this? Is there any part of what this person saying, true? How do I stay in a high vibration while STILL being present and responsible in this situation?" The idea that we are the center of our own realities and create it all, I can attest to. However, there are many people around us looking into our realities through windows we didn't even know were there. If we ignore them or just think "well, that is just their reality and I am going to stay "above it", we miss a big opportunity to see parts of ourselves hidden from our view. It's a slippery balance, but the more we can take in others realities, without fear of losing ourselves, the less we will feel the need to hide in our illusion of separateness and "positivity". Even though we are all in our own private universes, they are intertwined inextricably with everyone else's. We may as well learn to listen to each other. The law of attraction, in a purer use, see every interaction as something you had a hand in creating. 

In closing (finally, right?), DO be mindful of the contents of your thoughts and guide them like virtuoso conductor. Curate your mind like you would bake a delicious meal. Hand pick the ingredients and put love and focus into the action of cooking so that you are proud of your dish. Just please don't go around full of fear to think a "bad" thought. They sneak in here and there, and that's ok. It really is! It's the bulk of your thoughts you want to focus on, and the obvious and natural actions that arise in connection to them. Besides, sometimes a negative thought comes in so you can more easily find the other side of the coin. Just flip it and its all good ;) 

With love, thoughtfulness and creativity, 

xo ~ Anah

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