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practicing what we know

So much of what I am putting into action in my life I have "known" for a really long time. Meditation, as a daily practice, calms the nervous system and eases the manic mind. Getting up earlier gives you a jump on the day and syncs your body up with the rhythms of nature. Loving yourself improves all your relationships and helps you be happier on a day to day basis. Setting realistic goals and sticking to them increases your self confidence. Saying no to relationships that have a toxic effect on your life frees up energy to spend on the people and things that DO have a good effect. Follow your heart and gut before your head. Daily movement keeps your fit and increases the protein BDNF in your brain, which encourages the growth, regeneration and creation of new neurons and synapses (among many other benefits). If you want to do something new in your life, look at the habits and behaviors of others who are successful at it, and DO THAT. Deep breathing on a regular basis oxygenates the body and even creates higher DMT production in the brain. Anything you do every day without fail will become a habit. Anything that becomes a habit (both positive and negative) has the power to change your personality, your social circles, your career, your health... in other words, your whole freakin LIFE! Asking powerful questions will give you powerful answers.. aka "seek and you shall find". Ok... to the point. 

Of all the things list above, I was actually DOING only a few of them on any kind of consistent level until very recently. The tricky thing about the mind is that imagination is so powerful, we can trick ourselves into thinking that being able to conceive of something is the same as actually doing it. To be fair there is some truth to this. There are numerous studies that show the same synapses fire in the brain when we imagine an activity as when we actually DO an activity. However the trouble comes when we trick ourselves into thinking that intellectual understanding is as complete as experiential understanding. Think of it this way. Is someone a trustable doctor who has only ever read books about operating on someone? It is not until that doctor has actually cut into a living person, who's life depends on them, that they can even begin to truly understand what it means to be a doctor. The same goes for, well... EVERYTHING. Being a curious and somewhat heady person, I honestly didn't know that I wasn't BEING all of the above things until I started really implementing what I thought I knew into my life. I know it sounds super weird and maybe even delusional. But I challenge you. Make a list of the things you know about how to live a good life. Of those things, how many are you actually doing on a regular basis? I don't mean once a year. I mean at least weekly, if not daily. Try doing just a couple things on your list for 30, 60 or 90 days and see if you get what I am talking about. 

Ok, to be loving to myself (since I am actively doing that now ;) ha! A blog on how to do this later), I will say that sometimes information has to percolate inside of us for long enough to come to a certain maturation. Like fruit ripening on the vine. It is this feeling of slight pressurization inside. All of a sudden there is a sense of *NOW* and you find yourself moving on things that were mulling around in your head for years. It seems like this process has sped up somewhat for me lately, which is fun... but things need to stew for a bit sometimes, and that's ok. My test to make sure I haven't slipped back into the delusion of healthy living and productivity is having regular check in's with myself. Literally PAUSE, take a breath, stop what I am doing and ask myself.. "is there anything I am avoiding right now? What are the important things I want to accomplish right now? Am I forwarding actions in those areas? Am I eating well? Am I getting enough rest? Have I nurtured my relationships? Is there anything I am dropping the ball on?" Usually, not all these at once... that would be stress inducing (besides the whole point.. heh)! More of an inner check in on how I am doing and a way to stay on track in important areas. If there is anything that has fallen into the category of what I think I "know" rather than what I am in the "practice" of, it points the way to where I need to add a little action, energy and life. 

In short, I am discovering that we are NOT what we know, but what we PRACTICE. Ironically, this also falls into the category of what I knew intellectually, but didn't know experientially. So... are you practicing what you know?

In love and delicious awareness~ 


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