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real bona fide road blocks

road blocks

Today was filled with blocks being put in my way. Like the kind you usually see in a comedic movie. I first took notice after my mom and I got blocked from moving three times in a row trying to get out of home depot this AM. First we were stuck behind someone in line for a looooooong time, then as soon as we broke free from that, they literally closed the exit doors right in front of us, waving orange flags and everything, so an employee could move some cement blocks with a cargo lifter. THEN, when we went around to the other exit door, someone backed up right in front of us, again blocking our exit. Finally, after a mad dash (risking our lives, perhaps) between the car blocking us and the cargo lifter, we got through to our car. YEESH! When things like that happen (and it continued throughout the day in both small and large ways), clearly the universe is trying to get a message through... The question is, will we listen?

A long time ago my Dad,  Eric Starwalker gave me some sage advice. He said if I looked at the events of my day with the same depth and close inspection as I do elements in my dreams, I would glean more meaning and insight as to the current flow of my own personal universe. If I were to dream about the same happenings of today, I would interpret it as meaning the way forward was temporarily blocked through no fault of my own. And my best move would be to be alert but surrender to forces greater than myself until the way was cleared. If I apply this same wisdom to "real" life, I can both navigate more fluidly and have a deeper connection with the mystery of life. 

So, today I found myself pushing against the clear message to sloooow the F down. My internal dialogue was all urgency and pressure.. too much to do, too little time.. what if I screw it all up?? As happens sometimes, I am only seeing this retroactively, at the end of the day when surrender naturally descends. I just got done hooping too and that always serves to hasten surrender and embodiment. There are some days that I CAN enter this dreamlike awareness of my day in the moment though, and it is truly magical and incredibly effective. Thanks, Dad :) 

So, the next time a butterfly crosses your path, or your eye catches a street sign, or maybe a stranger says something seemingly nonsensical to you.. put on your dream interpretation hat and see how that changes your experience. I am curious!  

As always, we are all in this together :) 

xo Anah



A different perspective. That small item you can’t seem to find or see. Walk around to the other side of the table, or room. Item (usually) appears!
I am loving your blog.

June 23 2017 at 08:06 AM

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