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shits gettin REAL

I am somewhat at a loss for words. Massive floods in Texas, South East Asia and the potential of hurricane Irma to hit the east coast within a week. Massive, record breaking fires up and down the west coast, now to include the biggest fire in LA history only 10% contained as of right now. A brainless twit on a tantrum rampage in the oval office. Infighting amongst friends in the liberal left. It seems no matter which way you turn there is confusion and destruction. How to cope with this? How to keep hope alive amidst the world seemingly breaking apart all around us?

I don't really have an answer. Just another human with her eyes open. Though, I do believe that there is ALWAYS a way through, even in disastrous times. I also know that the reality is, the way through may not be available or apparent for all people. Lives will be forever changed, or lost. The safety of today is not assured to be gifted us tomorrow. So what to do... other than count our blessings while we have them, help where we can and be prepared if possible. Don't ignore signs that change needs to occur, whether that be the need for more honesty in your relationships, or the hurricane looming at your doorstep. Steady yourself. Breathe deep. Do whatever practices work for you to stoke both your strength and compassion. No matter how bad it looks, make every attempt to be open to beauty and fellowship among your fellow humans and animal friends. Eat well, if you can. Pray with humble gratitude if you are currently safe, dry and in no immediate danger. If you are in danger, still pray... and attempt to keep the faith. 

I am really feeling the collective tonight. The fear, the bafflement AND the hope. We truly are all in this together, whether we like it or not. Envisioning the whole human race coming together, as only times of sorrow and tribulation can cause. Envisioning clear eyes and loving hearts opened to the phoenix of our civilization rising from the ashes. 

SO MUCH LOVE to you all~ Anah

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