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spiders, spiders everywhere!

Over the last 3 days I have literally seen spiders EVERYWHERE. If it were all one kind of spider I would probably just chalk it up to some mama sider who hatched her eggs nearby, but this is like an encyclopedia entry of different spiders species. Right now as I write, there is a little one sitting up up the wall above my desk. Yesterday, as I watered the garden a sizable black widow dropped down right towards the path of my hose before changing her mind and sprinting back up her silvery chord. Earlier in the same day I spotted another sizable garden spider in a web above a different part of my garden. I have relocated at least 5 spiders of various shapes and sizes back to the outdoors. I rescued two from my cat. There was a teeny tiny one above my bed last night. On my car two days ago was a little jumping spider I removed to a nearby bush before driving away. For real.. the list goes on. I am used to seeing other "power" animals frequently. Dragonflies, hummingbirds, preying mantis and Hawks are regulars.. but my the eight legged friends are new. Spiders don't freak me out (good thing), but this ramping up of spiders in my experience has my ears perk up. I feel that the world around us, and most especially the animals, are carriers of messages tailor made for our experience. So of course, I looked up the symbolism of spiders and it's PERFECT. Creativity, patience and receptivity are some of the key aspects of what spiders represent and I am deep in process around all three. 

If you have read any of my blogs in the last 73 days, it would be redundant to say that I am deep in the process of weaving a new story in my life. Each day is dedicated to creativity, awareness and presence. The spider as a new symbol in my life makes total sense. If there is one message from the spider that I can incorporate more, its definitely patience. I can get really excited by the vision of where I am going and sometimes a little anxious to get there already. If you ever watched a spider weave its web, you would see there is no sense of rushing, though there may be speed by way of efficiency. She weaves her web strand by strand at a steady pace, mandibles and all 8 legs fully engaged in the act of creation. Upon completion, she WAITS. In stillness and with great awareness, and connection to her completed creation, she waits for the tiniest vibration that tells her it is time to move. When that moment comes, she moves and moves QUICK. With speed, agility and confidence she claims the reward for her efforts. But until that moment comes, she WAITS. Thank you, Spider sensei, for showing me how its done.

Is there an animal or creature you see all the time? What is it's message for you?

In life, love and transformation~

xo ~ Anah

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