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the macro or the micro?

There are always multiple levels at which to engage with life. Like the focus on a camera, you can choose to focus in on the tiniest detail, or zoom out and take in the whole picture. Both have gifts to offer and neither is right or wrong. The art in direction of focal point lies in realizing it is the one holding the camera that chooses the focus. The camera holds the technology, but not the will. Like a camera in your hands, our brains hold the technology to focus on what your MIND directs it toward. Also, like a camera, our brains have an "auto" function that works just fine most of the time. That is unless you want to be specific about the frame, capture and subject you want in your lens. It is you, your consciousness, that learns to choose when to zoom in and when to zoom out. Focusing on the micro, or zooming in, holds the benefits of seeing the smallest aspects of details one misses in the macro view. Zooming out gives the gift of receiving a wide view of the whole. Too long in the micro and one can forget where you are. Too long in the macro and one can miss the building blocks of the whole.

How to know when to change your focus? For me, as seems to be the answer for everything these days, I pay attention to my innermost intuitive internal voice. If I am feeling overwhelmed, that usually means I ought to zoom in and appreciate some fine detail of my experience. Like if I am thinking too much about ALL the things I want to do and create, and feeling that burgeoning anxiety building, I might choose instead to look at only the very next step. And then the very next step after that. Slowing down and looking at the small things helps me stay in the moment and to appreciate the finer details of my day to day. If I find myself getting too picayunish or forgetting the true north of my desired future, I might zoom out and let my mind wander to the big, bright and beautiful visions of the big picture that gets me the most excited. 

So, whether you feel the need to take the closest possible photo of a flower, or a fish eye view of an incredible landscape, either way you hold the power to CHOOSE where you look and to what detail. Look with enough regularity and presence and the beauty of our world and your life, will take your breath away... What are you looking at?

in SO much love and inspiration~ Anah



Wow! This Point of view is so wonderfully refreshing! As an aspiring photographer I know this will stick with me <3 I now have a fun new way of focusing through my lens, zooming in and out and engaging in life as you said. Thank you for sharing Anah!

July 19 2017 at 08:07 PM

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