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the suckiest way to get a new habit

I have noticed an annoying, though incredibly powerful, side effect of starting 4 new daily habits at once. Most days, I simply don't have the time to engage in my old, unhealthy habits. "Well, what's the problem?", you say. The problem is there is still part of me that really really really wants to just veg out and watch tv in the evening. Instead, I often come home and have to fit in my 20 minutes of exercise or my 20 min Kylego, or my 47 min of meditation (if I didn't do it in the morning). I have successfully chosen my new habits every time, but man does it kinda suck! Not in the way something sucks that is wrong for you and you should reconsider, but in the way of something that you know is wrong for you but you want to do it anyway and something physically blocks you from doing it. ARGH! 

Don't feel too bad for me, though. I am really just laughing at myself as I kick and scream through the process of #gettingmyshittogether. The really cool thing is this has given me a whole new understanding of how to break destructive habits. I had been going about it all wrong. In the past I would have long internal dialogues about why I should do something other than watch that new show that has me hooked. I would try to give myself tough love or some other internal tactic. It never realllly worked. I might go a few days, but inevitably I would be hooked again. Not so bad as in my younger years, but more like I was filling my leisure time at the end of the day with tv instead of the million other good-for-me-practices I know I wanted more of in my life. But, here is the kicker, without a firm commitment of exactly WHAT practices I was going to do, and how long I would do them, yoga, dance and meditation remained in the wistful thinking category and I knew way too much about too many tv shows. 

I see now that I had it backwards. I didn't need to STOP old habits, I needed to START new ones that left no room for the old. It reminds me of the line of thinking that says, "you get what you focus on". As long as I was focusing on stopping old habits, I was simply reinforcing those behaviors by 1) focusing on them, and 2) making them a "thing". When I devoted myself to an action plan based on the behaviors I DO want, I naturally found myself reorganizing my schedule and making different choices with my time to accommodate. I think the trick is the vision of who you will be when these new practices take root and become YOU, has to be so exciting and juicy, that the old stuff pales in comparison. Not to say that there won't be a part of you that freakin hates that. That part of you that just wants to stay safe and cozy in the old f'd up shit.. even if it was embarrassing and gave you nothing but a short dopamine spike and dry eyeballs from not blinking for an hour. 

So, what are you willing to implement in your life that is so BIG that is just squeezes the old stuff right off your schedule?

Truly, we are all in this together :)

xo Anah 



Jessica Thompson

You hit it right on the nail. Life is too short to live in an altered reality, but boy do I love it
Tweeking the negative into a positive is where we all must go to ellininate this dark illusion

June 20 2017 at 11:06 AM

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