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Tony Robbins Report... day ONE.

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I am writing this after VERY little sleep, the morning after a full day of immersion into the world that is Tony Robbins four day seminar, Unleash the Power Within (or UPW). This morning, after hearing my alarm ring from the other room (the ONLY way to get my ass out of bed early) at 6am, I noticed that I VERY easily won the usual inner struggle in my head about whether or not I should honor my word and get up when I said I wanted to get up. My small self (who so easily ran the show just yesterday) fell into line with ZERO back and forth in the face of the new top gun in the house... yeah, that would be the big ME. The me who sees clearly what she wants, knows how to get there and won't take the usual bullshit. It may be too early to tell but I am thinking Mr. Robbins is onto something.. ha! 

Come to a Tony Robbins experience!!

In the shower (shortly before turning it to full cold, I know... who am I and what have done with comfort loving Hoopalicious???), I ruminated on why. I think part of why Tony's approach is so effective at fundamentally changing the way your brain works so quickly (I mean ONE freakin day!), is his unabashed use of repetition. Where some leaders in the same category might be a little nervous to keep pushing his attendees to get up and do ridiculous things to practice changing their state to one of empowerment (just one more time, I SWEAR! Don't believe it you are getting up and shaking like a fool at LEAST 20 more times in the next hour), Tony Robbins , like Honey Badger, doesn't give a F*&k. He has no regard for how much your small self is complaining internally about all the things that would cause you to stop and stay puny. "I don't WANT to get up and jump up and down again. This is STUPID. My feet are tired. I don't have enough room. I feel silly. Is this even going to work? I hate this music!" Etc etc. No, Tony is more interested in helping you exercise the muscle of your BIG self. The self that can push past all that petty nonsense. Is it just because he really likes how the whole room looks when everyone is jumping up and down and screaming their heads off? Ok, I'll admit.. that's pretty cool.. ha! No, It's because he knows that repetition is KEY to learning. Interestingly it is a method I have just begun to employ in my Hoop Dance classes. As I learn more about how the brain works and the optimal states of learning, it has sunk in how important repeating things over and over are. In my workshops I guide people to drill their moves AT LEAST 5 more times than they really want to. The cool thing is that, these repetitions don't even have to be smooth, or flowy or cheerful. You just have to KEEP GOING in order to build the pathway of the new move in your brain. Similarly, I think the fact that Tony kept having us practice changing our states over and over (and OVER) again, built the pathway to mastering elements that change our inner state in a way that is SOLID and real. It's not just a pump up he is doing. He is helping us build a a whole new "normal' default setting in the brain. A pathway that says, YES I freakin CAN choose how to BE. Whew! 

Obviously, I am stoked about today (3 more days holy cow!!). Gotta run and meet my destiny!

SO much love for you all out there. More to come! 

xo Anah (the big one)

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