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Today is one of those days that old patterns beckon like those old pajamas that, while disgusting, are soooo comfy. As to why... could be a build up of lack of sleep or mounting frustration from my time being sucked into caring for my sick horse for 10 days now. Also, 15 days into setting new habits feels like the blisters you get from new shoes.. though they be fabulous, still strange and uncomfortable in ways that belies their higher quality. Can I have my old funky slippers back please? SIGH. 

Moments like these test my fortitude. My consciousness is lifting weights, gaining new strength in areas that have been too long inactive. Though I am bitching and moaning at present, in the larger picture I know this piteous internal mewling is just the death rattle of the old self. A larger me rises in response, not with an axe to end its misery, but with LOVE and compassion. That's right, I am hugging that old shit to death. heh. 

Breathe is my friend and ally. Presence and acceptance, the way in and through. Dance, the wild flinging off of old decrepitude, like a dog shakes the water out after a bath. Not every day need be shining and high energy to be valuable and "on path". And still, I smile, knowing all is fleeting and more beautiful as such. 

"Life is right in any case. My heart is as open as the sky" ~ Maya, from the movie, "Kama Sutra"

As always, we are all in this together.


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