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weather magic!

I got my heart burst wide open today in a moment of connection with nature. I have known for some time that I have a bit of weather magic about me, but It is been over a decade since I had direct experience of it. I am shy about sharing this because the science geek skeptic in me wants to deny it, but I LIVED it! I am choosing instead to embrace the gift of the mystery. 

I was watering plants in the courtyard of my hollywood hills abode when the thunder clouds started rolling in. Deep and long rumblings filled the sky punctuated with occasional flashes of lightning hidden in the clouds. Being that it had been over 100 degrees in LA for the last few days, this was a surreal and bizarre weather pattern to say the least. In short, I was LOVING it. I called my mom outside to enjoy the mystery in the air. We were out there for maybe 10 minutes, enjoying the majesty of nature when I looked up at just the right moment to catch a full strike of 3 forked lightning stretching across the sky above me. I shouted in pleasure and excitement. The thunder storm seemed to be directly above us. Caught up in the moment, I stretched my arms up overhead and spoke loudly and somewhat jokingly, something like, "Break free mighty clouds so that we may be blessed with your waters!" At that very moment, big fat rain drops began to fall. My mom, who was standing right next to me, said "Ok, now you are starting to freak me out!" It only rained for a few blissful moments, but I reveled in it. The affirmation of how connected we are to all of nature is a healing balm for my soul. The recognition that the consciousness I feel in the world around me, IS listening, and willing to speak when addressed directly and in the spirit of play.

weather magic

This is the third time I have had a direct experience of cause and effect, with undeniable accuracy, between my words and weather. I think I am going to save the stories of the other two for another time, so as not to make this blog too long. But what is important to me about this is the threads of commonality between the three events:

  • Unlike most of the magic with nature I have experienced, that has been decidedly marked with the absence of witnesses... All three happenings were witnessed by others. This created a new experience of the magic that I secretly doubted was real, actually being seen and verified by others. Being witnessed helped me accept and acknowledge, that no.. I am not making it up. Yep, shit gets weird!! Suddenly, magic as a reality, was brought to the awareness of us all. Commonly solo moments of amazement, were made that much more amazing by the presence of another. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of someone close to you as your jaws mutually drop with the wonder of it all. Wowzers!
  • Each three events were marked by a different aspect of weather. The first a sun dance, the second an invocation of cooling breeze and the third... rain. Hmmm... interesting. 
  • Perhaps the most important aspect, is that in all three moments, each a full decade apart in time, I was in a mood of playfulness. There was zero seriousness or "trying". In all three of my ridiculous "invocations", there was almost a mocking tone, but filled with good heartedness. It was like how one engages in social joviality with friends or how one inspires a puppy to play. Rather than me somehow "commanding" nature, it felt like I gave an invitation to dance, or wrestle. An invitation that was met with a cosmic wink and a sure... lets play!
  • In each instance I could feel this precious perfect moment, where my ego was sleeping, belief was strong and silliness was alive. It was in this tiny window, I took the opportunity to catch the tide and was rewarded with magic. 

I don't know what the significance is of this happening NOW when Texas, Nepal, India and Bangladesh is flooding, So Cal is on fire in a big way and other weather extremes are happening world wide. Perhaps it is an invitation to all of us to begin to playfully engage, out loud, with nature. If you are in a place being pummeled by rain, but aren't in immediate danger, go outside and do a playful sun dance with as much childlike joy in your heart as you can muster. If you are in a place that's dry, go outside and do a playful cool weather or rainy day dance. Look the sky directly in the eye and invite it to play with you. Stretch your arms up overhead and have no goal other than to be silly with someone you LOVE. That is, this beautiful earth we inhabit. She is ALIVE. And listening. I got the reminder today and it was glorious. Maybe we have been so afraid and lost in the seriousness of climate change, that we have missed the path to connection. Maybe if us earth lovers got PLAYFUL, along with our activism, we would have a better outcome? Just thinking out loud here ;) By no means am I ignoring the tragic nature of the weather extremes. I am heartbroken for all the people and animals that have lost their lives. And still, this IS what happened for me today and it was heart opening in the best way. All I can do is share it, in hopes that it helps someone else as it helped me today.

Beyond this, my take away is to let a lot more things in my life be free and playful. That everything flows better when we aren't trying so hard and are just being the most simple versions of ourselves in the moment. I am going to attempt to bring light hearted play to the things that feel out of my control. Like money, relationships and life purpose. I'll let you know how it goes :) What can you bring more playfulness to in your life? What magic awaits if you do? Try it on and tell me about it!!

xo Anah

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