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This one just had to have a video attached.. I wrote about it below, as well, but thought I would give you the option of a full visual.. ha!

I am here in Cleveland doing a rare hoop performance (my only one of the year these days) with the awesome, Philo Hagen. Our hosts put us up in a (mostly) clean, comfortable and spacious hotel. This morning, as I was showering, I looked up and noticed a used hand towel hanging on the shower curtain rod. My first response was, of course... EEEWWW!! Followed by immediate thoughts of reporting it to the front desk in hopes of getting a room upgrade out of it. I am glad I was in the shower when this happened so I couldn't easily do that. 

Following my contemplation of marching down to the front desk and then luxuriating in an even bigger room afterwards, my mind went a little further and imagined what kind of backlash the maid who missed it was going to suffer. Who knows, maybe just a slap on the wrist, but maybe she could get fired. It was in that moment that I decided not to report it. I mean, if there had been a dead body in my room or someone's bodily fluids or something, for sure I would have called the front desk... ha! But, It brought to mind a fundamental flaw in our current society. Had I followed my first instinct, I would have been trading my acquisition of more opulence than I needed for the out of proportion suffering of someone who probably already didn't have it so good. I can't imagine maids make very much to start with and was the "suffering" that I endured of <gasp> being in the same room with another persons used wash cloth worth the possible effect of inflicting more hardship? The clear answer is NO. 

The reason I found it necessary to share this is I felt both impulses in me. The first to take advantage for my own gain, and the second to think of someone else's experience and the effect you could cause on their life (and likely someone who is not as fortunate as you). I am glad the second one won out. I wish it was the first thought instead of the second, but I'll take it ;) 

The next time you are in a situation that you could complain or take issue, maybe first ask; "Is this really a big deal? Am I really suffering?" and also; "Who will this effect adversely and what might their life circumstances be?" To be fair, do I KNOW that the maid responsible would be fired or that she is poor enough for it to break her life? No. But I would rather NOT get someone in trouble that made a simple mistake. 

**I am leaving the name of the hotel out so as to protect them and their hard working staff.

Truly, we are all in this together!



mari hoops

Now you are in my area of expertise – 30 years working in hotels-the last 25 as a director of housekeeping for three upscale hotels. Thank you for thinking of the room attendant (we don’t call them “maids” – it’s a bit demeaning). They usually clean anywhere between 15 and 18 rooms a day so the possibility of missing something is real. I want you to know that I seriously doubt that they would have fired the room attendant, rather they would have documented it and used it as a teachable moment. I appreciate the complaint call. (as long as it’s not a cussin’ tirade)
The employment situation in Cleveland is surely different than here in the Bay Area, maybe it is easier to hire and fire, but you; Ms Anah show your heart when you expanded your perspective to consider the possible outcome of lodging a complaint.
(happy to say that my team starts at $15 an hr-first non-union hotel in the bay area to pay this living wage -still they do so greatly appreciate the occasional tips left by guests :)

June 25 2017 at 08:06 AM


Hi Mari!

I knew there had to be a name other than “maid” but I couldn’t think of it. Thank you for clarifying! It’s good to hear that room attendants typically get paid and treated well (I am sure on a gradient depending on where they work). I definitely can see how it was easy to miss this washcloth as it kind of blended into the shower curtain ;) Where do you leave a tip for the attendants? There wasn’t an envelope or anything… I hope you are well and happy!

June 25 2017 at 05:06 PM

mari hoops

under the pillow. even a note of appreciation brings a smile. Thanks for caring.

June 26 2017 at 08:06 PM

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