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Why do you hoop?

I wanted to follow up on my blog from yesterday, "Do you have a solid Hoop Dance foundation?". I observed a few comments from people expressing that they only know a few things but it is their happy place. I love that so much! And it brought to mind something that I could, perhaps, clarify. In the blog about foundation I was referring to a particular type of hooper. People hoop for as many different reasons as people, exercise or paint or... do just about any activity. Some people like to waist hoop in their underwear while watching their favorite tv show. It's better than sitting on the couch and they feel happier afterwards. Perfect! Others might hoop for meditation, or pure fitness. Some like to hoop just on the weekends or when they get together with friends. Still others walk, talk, sleep and breathe hooping. It is this last person that I was really speaking to in my blog about foundation. The hooper that can't leave the house without their hoop and feels naked on the dance floor without a circle to play with (you know who you are). There is no right or wrong, just varying levels and a huge gradation of purpose, desire and passion. In other words, do YOU ;) 

leaping for joy!

I equate it to dancing. If you love to just dance in your living room while vacuuming, there is no need to learn all the forms, balance and language of professional dance. Just shake your booty while you chase the cat under the bed with vacuum and then go about your day.  If you want to be a professional dancer or dancing is just really your "thing", then yeah, you might want to dive deeper and learn as many foundational aspects as possible to be as fully expressed in your art as possible (you know, for maximum satisfaction). 

So, to recap. There is no right or wrong level of interest when it comes to hoop dance. If you want to waist hoop for the rest of your life and it gives you joy, go for it! If you want to totally geek out and be the biggest hoop nerd on the planet, taking all the workshops and learning allllll the things, then go for that. Your bliss it where it's at. Where does your happy place live? 

In hoopiness~ 


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