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As I embark on the path of a wordsmith, I am intrigued with the process of choosing words and crafting sentences in such a way that I can accurately describe a sometimes indefinable inner reality. There seems to be a tricky transition between thoughts, and speaking or writing those thoughts. Often it seems a concept rolled around in your head is understood on too complex a level to carry through to the written or spoken version, like a melody as much distinct as it is ungraspable. In the effort to get the indescribable into expressed language, and thus into reality, sometimes the complexities of a thought, while understood in your head, don’t seem to survive the journey to spoken language. It’s this process, the deep opening that happens within as you stretch the limit of your internal understanding of a thing in order to share it, that gets me the most excited. Inside, we don’t have to put words to an insight or spiritual AHA to get the full hit of the breakthrough understanding. Often we don’t even realize we are understanding without words, until you try to speak it. I have found that while it can seem that an "aha" moment is at its peak inside of you, upon stretching to bring it from inside to outside, a deeper layer is revealed. As a person that is DRIVEN to share (seriously, sometimes I worry that it’s annoying to people… Me, at a hoop jam; hey!! Check out this cool thing that just happened! All. Night. Long..ha!),  my very next moment, after having an aha, is often “how do I put this into words such that others will understand, and perhaps benefit? “ As I stretch and bend my brain to find the words, I feel a sense of fulfillment that is fresh and new. The process of letting go of fear of rejection, criticism and judgment, that actually SHARING requires, is creating a new confidence and surrender in me that feels really really good.

On another level, I am learning to become a curator of the atmosphere of my own mind. Because I want to share quality content, I am more committed to only filling my awareness with quality ingredients. Just as you would choose the décor, the lighting, the ambiance, the menu, the entertainment and the guest list of an event, so we can do for our minds. Cultivating playful, but bad ass, security guards to throw the riff raff and chaos creators out. You CAN choose to toss out thoughts identified as NO good for the vibe you are cultivating in your internal space. As with everything, this endeavor is not 100% effective, because nothing is. But it sure beats throwing the doors open willy nilly! 

As always, we are all in this together and I am honored to be on the planet at this particular time, with all of you!

xo ~ Anah

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