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you already have the answers

The biggest take away from this weekends training, besides my personal breakthrough shared yesterday, was the recognition of the inherent wisdom in all people. While this is not a NEW thought for me, I got it on a whole new level. I got it on the level of not just an idea that makes a nice bumper sticker, but as a real tangible truth. The truth of this is not just a "oh, isn't that nice to think about" kind of truth, but a "from now on, treat everyone with the same kind of reverence and awe you would afford the Dalai Lama" kind of truth. The kind of truth that hits you in the gut and leaves you changed forever. The kind of truth that by the very virtue of it coming to roost in your body, causes peripheral shifts in behaviors to domino out, forever changing the fundamental way you are with people, and yourself. It goes kind of like this...

If I KNOW to the core of my being that the person in front of me already has all the answers and has wisdom in their core, I will automatically stop doing things like fixing, controlling and debating. If I KNOW that this person knows far more about whats good for them, then I could EVER know, my default shifts to curiosity and presence. Even if this person (or yourself) FEELS like the don't have the answers they need, never the less, they are there inside them (and us). So then the question becomes, how do we BE with each other in a way that calls out this inherent wisdom? This feels like an embodiment practice that will need to grow roots and mature gradually over time. As a starting point of exploration, I think it comes down to listening from a deeper place. This relates to both how we listen to others and how we listen to ourselves. Are we only listening with a tiny portion of our consciousness while we assess, categorize and strategize with the rest? Or are we bringing the full breadth of our inner most, God-self awareness to bear on the MOMENT we are in, and the whole person we are in it with? 

I think this is the kind of awareness that is slippery and dependent on a delicate focus. Too much and it gets forced, or even creepy... "why is she STARING at me like that??" ha! I am trying a flirtatious approach, with sideways glances and dancing steps. Turn up the music! Shall we dance, you brilliant wise being, you? 

In beauty, truth and love~ Anah


Kim Jones

You just altered my brain in a big way. And I hope I can hold on to this nebulous concept and bring it into my daily interactions with my partner. Because right now, I’m definitely going about things in a much less effective and present manner.

July 09 2017 at 10:07 PM

Roxanne Albee

It’s love ❤️ and then gratitude! All rolled into one glorious emotion that attracts nothing but good to you! I love your journey!

July 10 2017 at 09:07 AM

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