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you are a content machine!

I have had a few people ask how I come up with new content every day for my blog. I think there are many factors to this. Some I am aware of and some I am still digging into as result of opportunity to ask myself... "just how DO I write about something different every day for the last 47 days?". Here are my top 4 things so far that help me create every day :) 

    1. Ask yourself good questions. If you ask enough questions, it will elicit answers. For example, I might ask myself, "what do I know about ______?" We all have innate wisdom and knowledge inside of us. By asking, what do I know about, lets say.. gratitude, It sends your consciousness on a hunt for what you currently hold in your understanding in regards to gratitude. You might find a memory of a time you were really grateful for something and how that felt. Or your awareness might offer up a nugget of insight you didn't even know you had about gratitude. The important part is to ask a good question, and WAIT for an answer. Close your eyes and simply let your consciousness wander in response to your question. Once you feel or see a thread of a direction, just start writing. Don't judge it, just write. You can always change it later, but sometimes just the fact that you are typing words on the page will start the flow of ideas and away you go!

    1. As you go about your day, knowing that at some point you will need to write something, notice any stray thoughts or observations you may have. I keep a running note on my phone to jot down ideas as they come in. I may not use them, but it can give me a starting point for my blog later in the day. A neat side benefit of this is I have noticed that it has made me more aware of my reality in general. Being in observation mode has me notice the little things, both in my inner life and the outer world. 

    1. This method probably takes the most amount of trust. Like number one, it involves asking a question. This question is totally open ended though and feels more like meditation. I sit in front of my computer with my hands on the keys. I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask; "what wants to come through me today?". And I WAIT. Usually doesn't take long. Where trust comes in is trusting that something true WILL come through. In order to truly wait, you have to resist the urge of the mind to "try" to produce something. You will feel the difference. The mind "trying" will have an element of stress to it. If you feel that, just keep breathing and keep asking the question. The deepest part of you speaking feels like a whisper of wind that you have to cock your head a little to catch. FOLLOW THAT. Whatever it is start typing and let the momentum build. You can always change it later! I have found the yummiest insights this way. And it feels amazing!

  1. And last but not least, don't expect to LOVE everything you write. I definitely don't love every blog I have written thus far. But what I do love is that I am actually DOING it! I feel a level of deep soul satisfaction in finally doing what I have been only threatening to do for years. I have become a WRITER! Awesome. :) 

I hope this helps you fine people who are wanting to share more of your selves with the world! 

with love and so much inspiration~

xo Anah

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