Level 1 Teacher Training; Mentor

Teacher Training Level 1: Mentor

The Hoop Revolution Level 1 Teacher Training provides the participant with a method for teaching hoop dance that is fun, inspiring and concise. Our method focuses on presence, intuition, technical instruction and being well versed in your craft. Your students will be assured of success and will leave your class feeling empowered and energized! The highly effective Hoop Revolution Curriculum is your launching point. From this solid foundation you will see hoop dance in a whole new way. Whether you choose to stick to our Curriculum as your teaching focus or forge a new pathway, this training will empower you to deeply understand hoop dance and give you the tools to teach any move. As hoop dance is creative by nature, your expression and focus is up to you!

Through this Training, you will

  • Master 12 sweat inducing and skill building dance drills that can be modified for all levels.
  • Attain technical instructions and multiple approaches for 18 foundational hoop moves.
  • Gain dynamic teaching skills.
  • Understand the physics and principles of hoop dance.
  • Acquire a seemingly magical troubleshooting ability.
  • Deeply explore the subtle art of Mentoring.
  • Develop class organization skills.
  • Receive individualized guidance to improve your hoop dance technique.
  • Practice on REAL students!
  • Become a Certified Hoop Revolution Teacher (optional)*

Support Materials include:

  • Comprehensive and highly detailed Teacher Manual.
  • The Hoop Revolution Core Foundation DVD
  • 1 day, 3 week and 5 week complete lesson plans included!
  • Access to the private Hoop Revolution Mentor’s Group on Facebook for ongoing support.

In order to attend the Level 1 Teacher Training, you must have basic proficiency in the following moves (no teaching experience necessary):

  • Waist
  • Waist Breaks/Reversals
  • Hips
  • Hooping Overhead (in hands)
  • Lift up/Place Down
  • Angles
  • Barrel roll

*Requirements for becoming a Certified Hoop Revolution Teacher:

  • Passing the written and practical exams
  • 10 completed student feedback forms (provided) from 10 classes (1 per class). A "class" can be as simple as getting a few friends together and teaching them at a park. Private lessons can also count toward your 10 classes.

What are the benefits of Certification?

  • Qualification to teach at dance and fitness studios that require certification
  • A listing in the Hoop Revolution online Teacher Directory
  • Lower insurance rates (through some insurance carriers)
  • 10% off all Hoop Revolution products
  • Wholesale and affiliate opportunities

    Payment options:

    • Each training is slightly different in price depending on location. Most are in the $550 - $750 range

    Faciliated by Anah aka Hoopalicious and Bex Burton

    Sold out.