Movement as Medicine ~ A Hoop Dance Experience in San Jose, CA

Hoopalicious is comin to the Bay Area!!

Saturday, April 15th, 12pm - 4pm

Greetings lovely Bay Area Hoopers!

I am super excited for this years workshop offering, Movement as Medicine. The deeper I go into the science of movement and how it affects the brain AND the spirit, the more I see just how PERFECT hoop dance is as a modality of not only artistic expression, but health and healing (on so many levels) as well. In service to this, I have put together some ways to maximize the benefit of our collective hoop dance obsession. This is one case where medicine doesn't have to be clinical or boring.. in fact, sometimes FUN is just the medicine you need ;) Not only will we be rocking out (per usual) we will grow our brains, super charge our personal insights and increase our trick retention and flow. Are you excited?? I am! 

I normally teach this as a 2 day workshop, but I created an extra special, 4 hour truncated version for added affordability and efficiency. BOOM! Techniques covered; Body Rocking, on/off body tricks and transitions, Internal state shifting for maximum flow, and all the eye popping tricks and combos you can handle ;) 

 All levels **ability to do basic waist and hand hooping recommended.


$75 USD


Saturday, April 15th, 12pm - 4pm


Local Color
27 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113

Closest airport:

San Jose

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Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns and see you on the dance floor!

Anah aka Hoopalicious :)