In the age of youtube it may be harder to wrap your head around paying money to learn hoop dance. I get it, free is awesome! So why pay for a workshop when you can learn tricks online for free? For one, you will never be able to get the feeling of hooping with an amazing group of people all together in one room, online! There is nothing like sweating, laughing, struggling and having breakthroughs TOGETHER with a group of people just as crazy about hooping as you are! Also, you will never learn quicker than having the eyes of someone who has been hooping for 18 YEARS pinpointing exactly what is standing in the way of you getting that awesome new move you have been working on. 

Here are what some hoopers have to say about the Hoop Revolution workshop experience: 

"What a weekend, what a workshop! Thank you so much Anah, I have so many things to play with am feeling so lucky that we got to learn from you and dance with you. The workshop was incredible, just amazing. xoxox"

~Ngaire Leighton

"I have to express my deep gratitude for the gift of Anah's incredible holding space, range of technical expression, warmth and creativity during her Melbourne hopping workshop. I was hitting a wall in my teaching and passion for the hoop but my inspiration and confidence have exploded and are soaring. Seriously don't miss out!!"

~Del Dionysus Jane

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