Amanda Crabb

Level 1 Certified Mentor 

Amanda Crabb was blessed to watch her first hoop dance class in November of 2010. Since that life-changing moment, hooping has become her passion. Dance has been a constant in her life since before Amanda can remember. However, since she added her wonderful dance partner, her hoop, Amanda's metamorphosis into a teacher has been inevitable. She is now a certified hoop teacher with both BodyHoops and Hoop Revolution. Amanda feels so fortunate to be able to further her hoop education with frequent workshops taught by internationally known hoop dancers.

Amanda finds hooping is a wonderful way to connect and spend time with her family, giving her children a chance to spin off extra energy and build their self esteem while she recharges. Her husband and four nieces and nephews join her in weekly sessions.

Amanda believes with all her heart that exercise should bring you joy, smiles, laughter and a more centered, balanced soul. All of these elements exist within the hoop and she feels extremely privileged to be able to share the joy of hoop dance with her students. Amanda's students have said that "Amanda is amazing at reading her class participants. If she sees that we are catching on fast, she knows when to go ahead and move to something else or challenges us on the current move." and "I like the fact that everyone is working at their own pace and are encouraged at all levels." Her classes enthuse beginners and experienced hoopers alike. Amanda would love to guide you along your hoop journey. Whether you are looking for a fun and unique workout or something more, she truly believes you will find what you are looking for in the hoop. If you are in the DFW area (Dallas and Fort Worth Texas), Amanda says, "Come hoop with me!"