Jessie McGee

Certified Level 1 Mentor


Hoop dancing since July 2008, mastering the hoop continues to be a Journey into Joy for Jessie “HoolaHoops” McGee. Once she stumbled upon hooping, Jessie instantly knew she HAD to keep doing this thing that made her feel so GOOD! Her first hoop arrived just days after being told she had breast cancer and, like a life preserver, that huge, heavy hoop went everywhere with her from then on, to work, to doctors’ appointments and surgery (with *some recovery time), putting a smile on her face as she would stop anywhere in the city she found a few extra square feet to hoop to her iPod, or just weave that thing through the crowds. She soon found regular classes and fell in love with the artistry and transformative power of hoop dance, as well as with the community, and dreamed of teaching it someday. Drawing upon her multi-faceted performing and visual arts background, and taking every opportunity to learn and grow, Jessie has been a dedicated student and continues to gobble up every amazing hoop dance workshop passing through NYC she can in order to deepen her practice and inform her curriculum. Jessie completed the Hoop Revolution Level 1 Teacher Training in 2013 and is thrilled to be a certified Hoop Revolution Mentor. She loves to perform and recently added fire hooping to her repertoire! Other health challenges she’s struggled with throughout her life are in check, and that cancer? Nonexistent. Jessie currently teaches one-on-one and small group classes by appointment in New York City, has workshops in development, and hosts the long-running DNA Hoop Jam in Manhattan.