Teacher Training

The Hoop Revolution Teacher Training Programs are currently undergoing adaptation for an online platform. Thank you for your patience!

Do you LOVE hooping? Are people always asking you to teach them but you feel unsure what language to use or how to teach hoop dance safely? The Hoop Revolution Teacher Training Level 1:MENTOR is your answer!



The Hoop Revolution® Teacher Training Programs, Level 1: Mentor, and Level 2: Inspire, are designed for those who want to connect deeply with their students and make a difference in their lives. Using our highly effective and technically detailed curriculum, Hoop Revolution Mentors are master trouble-shooters and can teach ANYONE! They also know that there is more to teaching Hoop Dance than excellent technique, and use Hoop Dance to bring about higher consciousness and personal breakthroughs. Hoop Revolution Mentors are FUN, inspiring, humble and compassionate.

Level 1: Mentor
Who you choose to BE will instruct your students just as much, if not more than the curriculum you teach. In our trainings we not only educate you in our acclaimed Hoop Revolution curriculum that will allow you to teach the technique of Hoop Dance successfully to anyone, we also provide you with tools and experiences to help you develop your skills as a mentor. These skills include Authenticity, Empathic Intuition, Active Being-ness, Accessibility, Intimacy, Powerful Responsibility, Presence, Leadership and Diplomacy. When you teach hoop dance, whether you realize it or not, your students will begin looking to you as a mentor – someone who can support them and assist them on their journey of self discovery and transformation, both inside and outside the hoop. Through our Training you will feel empowered and prepared to step into this role. Whether you have never taught, are already teaching, or have taken a previous Hoop Dance Teacher Training, take your teaching to the next level. Become a true Mentor! 

Level 2: Inspire
To advance as a Hoop Dance teacher you need to not only care deeply for your students, you will need to inspire them with your amazing skills and energy. Our level two teacher training is designed to take your hoop dance skills to a whole new level. In addition to gaining the technical teaching skills necessary to share the Hoop Revolution Intermediate Curriculum, you will get intensive training to further your own unique, winning hoop dance style. The most inspiring you is the most authentic you. The Level 2 Training is currently in development!

Facilitated by Anah Reichenbach 

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