To Tape or Not to Tape

There are several reasons that we at Hoop Revolution are moving away from taped hoops. As beautiful and sparkly as they can be, taped hoops present multiple issues for the environment. 

Here are our concerns:

  • Sparkle/reflective tapes are made from plastic and have a backing that must be removed before application to a hoop. This backing is made with non-recyclable, laminated paper, which means more plastic and paper end up in the garbage.
  • Many tapes contain toxic adhesives.
  • Dyes used to color various cloth tapes can be petroleum based and/or toxic.
  • Vinyl tapes are made from toxic PVC.
  • Tapes themselves are not recyclable, so they become garbage in the event that they need to be removed from a hoop.

Here's what we love about not using tape on hoops:

  • If grip on a hoop is desired, it can be provided through sanding the hoop instead of using tape. Sanding hoops creates minimal waste, as opposed to taping hoops.
  • Non-taped hoops look and feel better longer than their taped counterparts. Hoop tape does not wear well - it tends to get eaten up by rough surfaces that it inevitably comes into contact with during hoop use. This allows hoopers to enjoy their hoops longer, and be less inclined to throw their hoops out and purchase new ones.
  • Non-taped hoops can be coiled down for travel without fear of damaging their appearance. When taped hoops are coiled down repeatedly, the tape can become cracked or wrinkled.

This all being said, we love a pretty hoop as much as the next hooper! We will continue to innovate and source materials that can satisfy our sense of aesthetics as well as our commitment to the environment. We hope you'll continue to support us in this process by choosing The Original EcoHoop!