Yvonne Bohanon

Level 1 Certified Mentor

Yvonne Bohanon encountered hooping along the way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Although a regular exerciser, hooping was not a possibility until a hoop class was offered locally in July of 2009.  Instant success?  Far from it!  The ability to keep the hoop in motion eluded her while appearing to come with ease to the other, younger class members.  Rethinking this decision, she wondered why she thought she could hoop when she could not do this as a child, decades earlier.

What to do?  Keep trying!  Five hours of practice later, the hoop finally stayed at the waist.  More practice and the discovery of YouTube tutorials revealed the mesmerizing possibilities of Hoop Dance.  The desire to achieve “flow” began.  Age provided perspective.  Perfection is not a requirement to reaping the numerous benefits of hooping.  Good humor tempered the unsuccessful attempts at learning.

Yvonne continues her hoop practice and has taken additional training and certifications with Body Hoops, Hoop Chi, and the Hoop Path.  Hoop Revolution adds another level of skill and troubleshooting to her teaching and mentoring activities.  She brings an enthusiastic and never give up attitude to her teaching style.  Athlete or couch potato, Yvonne encourages everyone to try hooping for its mind body benefits and the simple joy of being in motion.

Yvonne mentors, hoops, and continues to strive for flow in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding Houston area.



Website - FlowingFreeHoops.com 

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